One dosa, many recipes

One dosa, many recipes

It is always gratifying to have a minister who is adept at culinary skills. Particularly so, when he can correspond his skills to yet another...

It is always gratifying to have a minister who is adept at culinary skills. Particularly so, when he can correspond his skills to yet another field-politics- to drive home a point. We have one such master in Delhi. He can match his expertise with any Chef anywhere in the world, as he has developed a special genius to illustrate political jargon through kitchen nuances. A comparison illustrates the truth always. Here is an instance where the author dominated over even the prescription. The semantics employed in his recipe is impeccable. That is Vyalar Ravi, the Central Cabinet Minister for us. But how can one develop a political equation in relation to one's kitchen? Ask Raviji. I strongly urge the government to immediately convene not State Reorganisation Committee but DDC (Dosa development Committee). It is very important for people to understand various nuances and know-how of Dosa making as quoted by our minister, so that people can understand the occasional allegorical references of various cuisine of Indian origin to contemporary political scene. True, Telangana solution is not as easy as making a dosa. But making dosa also is not as easy as our minister surmises. We have any number of solutions prescribed regarding Telangana. Making Hyderabad part of it, making Hyderabad as Centrally administered territory, making it a common capital for a prescribed time, adding a few districts of Rayalaseema into the new state or of course, keeping it as a cohesive single entity. Likewise, there are any number of manifestations of Indian dosa. In Kerala- I am sure, Vyalar Ravi meant it when he refers to dosa, it is called 'aappam' a tasty delicacy. In Tamil Nadu, for instance our finance minister Chidambaram must be aware of 'nattu dosai' a speciality of Nattu Kottai Chettiars of Chettinadu. In Rayalaseema, bordering Karnataka, there is yet another dosa which is baked on one side and with onion chutney generously applied on the other. There are 36 varieties of dosas. And what about the side dish? Are they working on groundnut chutney? Or coconut chutney? Typical Tamil Nadu sambar? Or coriander chutney? Perhaps some recipe on the lines of Italian Pizza- courtesy Sonia Gandhi? I am afraid, the people of Telangana must immediately jump onto another bandwagon � particularly which of women and chefs- and take serious objection to the minister's unsavoury remark implying that making dosa is relatively easier than solving Telangana problem. Did he know that lot of expertise go into making of various types of dosas?. For instance 'sada dosa' (plain dosa) requires a type of raw batter fairly fermented. Generous lentil leaves, chopped onion, asofoetida, channa dal, urad dal, chopped cilantro, chopped green chillies, mustard seeds, crushed black pepper, cumin seeds go into it in a phased manner. Dosa batter is the basic ingredient, which has umpteen varieties depending on which dosa is getting prepared. 'Ravva dosa' is a mouth watering culinary delight, crisp and crunchy which requires a separate genius. A savoury semolina breakfast crepe. Masala dosa is a specialization involving a different variety of curry prepared with ginger, white onion and potato with plenty of pepper and green chillies. In Chittoor, Piler and Talakona �the particular dosa require rice flour in the basic batter almost like Karnataka delicacy. Dosa batter itself is a speciality that warrants a research separately. Dosa is a South Indian delicacy that lure foreign connoisseurs in Dubai, England, Singapore, San Francisco and Washington. I am afraid our honorable minister walked into unfathomable mire by quoting dosa making underestimating the preparation as the easiest of culinary skills. We humbly advise our minister to spend some time with his own kitchen staff before he goes to the press, in order to save �NOT his face- but the face of one of the tastiest dishes of South India-Dosa. Having said that- the Telangana people are anxious to know as to how many times this dosa making was attempted in the past in the secret parleys in Delhi's political kitchen? Did they prepare the basic ingredients? The iron skillet or dosa tawa is kept on the stove? The ladles are kept ready to help shape the dosa? Is it at least baked on one side? Will the honorable minister please treat us to this valuable information? Better still, if these South Indian leaders drive home the importance of this delicacy to Madame Soniaji? Or perhaps, she is adding her specialised Italian culinary skills to it? People are grateful to the leadership for giving an understandable simile to an otherwise complicated problem- which was made political by the present dispensation at Delhi. But, pray, let not the exalted kitchen in Delhi become a countryside tavern or a wayside inn, feeding imaginary menu to gullible customers. People are waiting before the dining tables. The plates are spread. The menu card has been revised ad nauseum. Their hunger is slowly turning into helpless anger. A mocking reference to a dosa may be in good taste for the leadership at Delhi, but for people in the state who are being promised to a square meal, this is a cruel joke. In Telangana, their children are dying day in and day out. Their self respect is in jeopardy. It is time to inform, serve, and keep the promise of serving the dosa at the earliest. And again, importantly, which dosa? (
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