One World, One Market Strategy of DXN

One World, One Market Strategy of DXN

DXN is an empire of almost a billion dollars, operating in 184 countries with more than seven million distributors, 1600 employees Its the worlds 24th...

DXN is an empire of almost a billion dollars, operating in 184 countries with more than seven million distributors, 1600+ employees. It’s the world’s 24th largest Direct Selling Company. Dr Lim Siow Jin is its founder and CEO, a Civil Engineer who graduated from Indian Institute of Technology in 1984.

DXN was founded in Kedah which is located in the North-Western part of Malaysia and has since became the birthplace of its success story. From a humble beginning there DXN grew into an enterprise that is present in the whole world today. The name DXN is derived from the Chinese expression “DAXEN” meaning reliability, honesty and virtue.

The philosophy of the company is “Health, Wealth and Happiness”. DXN had celebrated its 25th anniversary in May 2018.
Dr Lim Siow who is also the Executive Chairman of the Board of DXN since April 3, 1996 founded the company in 1993. A highly talented Lim Siow who was conferred Doctorate in Alternative Medicine by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine won several international awards. As an entrepreneur, a teacher, a researcher, a scientist, a philanthropist Dr Lim touched millions of lives and has contributed his share in changing the world to make it a better place.

Based on experience sharing between the author Dr Rajesh S. Savera and Dr Lim Siow the book titled “My Journey with DXN” is written. The success of DXN is due to Dr Lim Siow who recognised the health benefits of an ancient Asian Mushroom Species, Ganoderma, which has been used in traditional Asian Medicine for thousands of years.

Ganoderma contains about 400 bio-active compounds and it is studied for a variety of health benefits like detoxication, balancing body functions, immunoregulatory effects, antioxidants activities, liver protesting, hypoglycaemic and anti-bacterial effects as well as reducing blood cholesterol besides having anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Through cutting-edge processing technology, DXN is capable of producing a variety of products from skin care to coffee. Lingzhi, the outstanding health product made from Ganoderma is made accessible to the whole world due to Dr Lim Siow vision, using a unique marketing strategy called “One World One Market”.

DXN which started as a small company in a rented small office with just two products, spread its wings around the world with the concept of “One World One Market”, which was laughed at by people initially. The “One World One Market” strategy meant that the company would cultivate, process, package and distribute amazing DXN products to the consumers directly. The company in the process has invested globally in setting-up cultivation and processing plants in other countries.

The unique marketing concept of DXN has proven to be one of the most successful business models in the world of “Direct Selling”. This also led to a network of over 7 million people working together and helping out each other, giving the members not only a strong financial background, but a sense of being part of a worldwide community that shares the same values.

DXN built its market on the demand that has been created by its distributors. When members in a country create a demand for the products, the company follows them and sets up offices to help these distributors. It does not go to any place, open up and office, and start selling. DXN is a shop-less concept. 100+ smartest software engineers handle the strategy. “One World One Market” has now become a reality and anyone from any country can do business with anyone from any country and earn money in their local currency.

The concept envisages that DXN members can register in any part of the world, recruit anyone from any country, buy products anywhere around the world, and receive their bonuses in their local country for their global business. As part of the process, a member with just a smartphone in his hand, can do international marketing. He can also recruit, he can order, he can pay, he can chat and all through smartphone. Both the processing centre in Kedah and the corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia have become a tourist attractions.

DXN logo has a hidden meaning too. Its blue colour represents water which is a source of everything that lives; its green colour represents expansion and the red symbolizes focussing the mind. DXN has also been doing its share of Corporate Social Responsibility as well. It has donated ambulances to all sorts of parties and also donated dialysis machines to the Lion’s Club besides contributing financially in many natural calamities.

The man behind all this projected personified image is Dr Lim Siow who had started a wellness brand with a philosophy that spoke of health, wealth and happiness. If DXN is one global family, then, Dr Lim Siow is the father that ran this family.

The book “My Journey with DXN” is the result of a four day meeting between the author Dr Rajesh S. Savera and Dr Lim Siow Jin founder and CEO of DXN in Hyderabad from March 5, 2018. Dr Lim Siow shared with the author many of his stories about how he started DXN, what was this journey like, the sacrifices, the compromises, the risks, the challenges etc. Dr Lim Siow also shared with the author Dr Rajesh S. Savera the concepts and principles that guided him and the vision he has for DXN.

Among others, the book included, Dr Lim’s days as an Engineering Student, his first job, how his journey as an entrepreneur began, how he became a first member of DXN, about DXN’s first few product Testimonials, concept of the “One World One Market”, future of DXN etc.

(Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao - The author is Chief Public Relations Officer to Chief Minister, Telangana)

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