How dads harm their kid's health:study

How dads harm their kids health:study

How Dads Harm Their Kid's Health:Study

Melbourne: A new study has revealed thatfathers play a pivotal role in the future health of their children from the moment of conception.
How Dads Harm Their Kid's Health:Study
The study, done by University of Adelaide, has claimed that this could help find out if the child will turn out to be obese or would develop type 2 diabetes, as it was found that seminal fluid influences a range of developmental stages of the offspring, particularly in sons, reported.
According to the research, an embryo that managed to survive despite poor quality seminal fluid was likely to develop into a person who would be prone to disorders including obesity, high blood pressure and glucose intolerance.
Lead researchers, Sarah Robertson, said that they have begun to understand the very complex signals and information being transmitted by the seminal fluid.
Robertson added that the study has proved that the seminal fluid produces signals that the embryo absolutely needs for the best possible start to life.

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