Prophet Mohammed

Prophet Mohammed

Prophet Mohammed. LONG ago there lived a man in Arabia called Abdulla. His wife was Amina. To them was born a son whom they named Mohammed.

LONG ago there lived a man in Arabia called Abdulla. His wife was Amina. To them was born a son whom they named Mohammed.

When Mohammed was young, both his father and mother died.

He thus became an orphan at an early age. So his grandfather brought him up. When the old man died, Mohammed’s uncle took care of him.

Mohammed first tended sheep. Later he looked after a caravan. In Arabia camels are used to carry’men and goods from place to place. The camels form a line one behind the other like a train.

This train of camels is called a caravan. Everyone thought highly of Mohammed because he was good, honest and truthful.

Mohammed married a lady called Kadija. Many children were born to them. Only one girl survived. All the others died. She was called Fatima.

When Kadija died, Mohammed married another woman called Ayesha.

Once the people of Arabia rebuilt the Kaaba in a city called Mecca. Kaaba was their temple. The people invited Mohammed to install the black-stone in the building. It was a great honour.

Mohammed became deeply religious. He often went to a cave near Mecca and meditated on God for days together.

At that time people in Arabia worshipped many Gods. So the wise men of the country came to Mohammed, and asked him to teach the people to worship the only true God. Mohammed did so. He said: "True religion is worshipping the one God and serving, humanity. People must have faith in God, do good deeds, and treat all men as brothers."

In the beginning, many people laughed at him, some even stoned and insulted him. But as he was a man of God, Mohammed was not afraid. He went on preaching his message.

Slowly people began to understand his teaching, and many became his followers.

A time came when Mohammed’s followers had to run away from Mecca to Abyssinia, a foreign country, in order to escape persecution by their enemies. But Mohammed remained in Mecca.

So he and his relatives had to suffer a great deal of harassment.

In Medina, however, another city of Arabia, most people became Mohammed’s disciples. Later Mohammed also came to Medina; for it was feared that if he stayed in Mecca his life might be in danger. Medina now became the city of Islam, the religion of the one God, preached by Mohammed.

Large numbers of people from Mecca came to Medina to fight Mohammed and his followers. Mohammed prayed to God, and the

Meccans were defeated in the war. There was yet another war. In that war too Mohammed’s followers won. At last peace came and Mohammed went to Mecca, and blessed the people.

After Mohammed died, many people joined Islam. Islam is the religion preached •by Mohammed. Today it has a great following and Mohammed is known as the Prophet, because he brought the message of God. • .

The people of Islam pray: "God is great; there is only one God; Mohammmed is God’s messenger?

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