Constructed End: Recognize and Prevent

Constructed End: Recognize and Prevent

Constructed End: They always say when life gives you lemons make a lemonade out of and relax and just sip it, but sometimes life doesn’t just give people lemons, it gives them a reality in which it is hard to cope up with.

They always say when life gives you lemons make a lemonade out of and relax and just sip it, but sometimes life doesn’t just give people lemons, it gives them a reality in which it is hard to cope up with or it keeps giving them situations that make them take drastic steps and construct an easy way out of their problems .i.e. is to end them. But is that really a solution we all want isn’t there another chance of a better future we all wish for and look for? recently it has been said that every single minute at least one person in this world has the thought to killing themselves, every hour one is admitted in the hospital, every two hours at least one die due to the very same reason. This is not a normal graph or not something that we should be proud about. Most of the suicide cases happen due the reasons like heart breaks, family problems, misunderstanding between friends and a rift in personal life. Always remember a person with suicidal thoughts is not a weak person, he or she is probably the strongest ones you can ever come across, and it’s just that they have been pushed to such an extent that they tend to start thinking that way.

When a person has the tendency to commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts we as friends need to notice certain symptoms and try talking to them about it in private and assure your friend that your with them and you’re not going to do anything to cause harm to them, this is also applicable to parents as well
1. losing interest in things that were once interesting
2. always trying to hide themselves in situations
3. trying to disappear from daily life activities
4. Sudden change in daily diet .i.e. not eating lunch, trying to avoid the topic of food etc.
5. Behavioral changes such as: getting defensive over small things, keeping secrets etc...

The above 5 are the main patterns you get to see in someone that has suicidal thoughts, when you notice these in someone you have to make sure that you handle that person delicately. One must make sure of the following while talking to a person who is suicidal.
1. Never go head strong on someone that has suicidal thoughts, it will make them go defensive
2. Never publically go and announce your friends troubles, remember trust is everything when someone revels themselves to you, especially when they come out about their thoughts of committing suicide.
3. Always make sure you and your friend are alone in your room or somewhere so that he or she won’t have any problem in telling out their worries.
4. when you tell someone about consulting a psychologist or a counselor always make sure to mention that you need someone better to understand the situation and that you’re not calling that person sick
5. there are suicide hotlines that offer counseling to those that have such thoughts, always make sure that you contact them first to know how you can handle the situation in a better way

Apart from this sometimes there are cases where you see people using suicide as a threat or a reason to get something they want and in the end it gets serious and they lose their life over something that was not even a big issue sometimes it people like them that make suicide a joke or something that is easy to go about, well people suicide is not a small issue to make fun of, if you want something earn it or go work for it or just reason if you want it or not. using suicide as a reason just because you dint get something you wanted to add pressure on your parents is not the solution, sometimes it’s good to be understand and wait for the right time to get something you wanted.

By Amritha Lawrence.

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