It is Time To Say Goodbye To The Relationship

It is Time To Say Goodbye To The Relationship

This is also another sigh that he/she is ignoring you for the unknown reasons.

We all have good and bad times in relationships, sometimes things will get out of control. While we try to resolve the conflict but the opposite person might not show any signs to accept his/her apology. In this situation, some people would notice that they're doing it intentionally to get rid of the relationship. If any of these signs are persistent in your relationship, you have a serious problem to consider.

You fight more often: As we all know, fights are very common in every relationship but other people think that it is an unhealthy relationship. Some will fight very often for not answering calls, for not coming to meet on time or their calls are getting diverted, etc. Both should have a good understanding rather than fighting for silly reasons and try to sort it out as early as you can.

You feel like you don’t know the person: If anyone is struggling hard to keep your relationship healthy then communicate well with your partner in whatever situation you are. If he/she is not communicating with you properly on daily basis, they may not have any future plans to stay with you. If you guys plan for future family, goals, career etc then it is a sign that he/she is ready to be with you in the future. If he/she is not discussing any future plans, you have to think more before your partner ruins the relationship. So you must be careful and notice above signs.

Avoiding meeting: The trend has changed a lot and considering the work schedules with a weekend off, couples have more options to plan out dates. Very few manage to give value to their loved ones and some of them will not bother to meet their partner due to various reasons and in that situation, they lie in order to avoid the meeting. This is also another sign that he/she is ignoring you for the unknown reasons.

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