Signs you are in a fake relationship

Signs you are in a fake relationship

Signs you are in a fake relationship

Be it a normal or a long distance relationship everyone should communicate with their loved ones thrice in a day to know about their well-being. In every relationship there are common issues faced by people such as arguments, lashing out at at them when you're not in the mood and postponing the important dates etc. Many are in dilemma to testify about their relationship either it is fake or real.

These are few signs to prove as you're in a fake relationship:

The communication sucks: It is a known fact that to maintain a Happy relationship you must communicate with your partner. It will boost your understanding as well as it the bond becomes stronger than before. Sometimes, communication sucks due to professional work and family disputes but that should not effect to your relationship. In case, He/she is not speaking due to family issues or career then it is a sign he loves his job and family more than you and it may indicate that you're in a fake relationship.

There is a lot of confusion: Few of them will trust their parents in a way for searching bride. Of course, You have to trust them it is an honorable gift to your parents from you.But other side, people would have another relationship with some other people at the office or somewhere amongst friends. In this situation, They'll face a lot of problems and confusion arises whether what they are doing is wrong or right. You have to be little cautious before choosing your partner or giving word to parents as it might be helpful to you in future as well as it reduces the pain of hurting other people's feelings.

There is a sexual chemistry: Very few of them will love their partners very sincerely and they will not hurt them in many situations because those partners are expecting only love from him/her. Many of them will look hot in bed and they would love to do cuddling a lot but it is a sign they have attracted to you only for sexual appeal but not for anything else. If you could notice after sex. He/she is not is speaking well with you indicates that you must think before you take another step or discuss with them that is her/his is behavior is not so good, Try to ask some meaning full questions, Are you feeling secure by staying with me? Are you happy with me? Are you not interested in speaking with me after sex? etc.

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