40 Assurances of Baba

40 Assurances of Baba

Those who are devoted to me in thought, word and deed shall receive my protection without their asking.


40 Assurances of Baba

1. Those who are devoted to me in thought, word and deed shall receive my protection without their asking.
2. I am ever vigilant in the homes of my devotees.
3. Those that have called my name with sincerity even once shall receive the abundant grace of my love.
4. The moment you think of me, I am by your side to guide you through your confusions.
5. I always respond to a prayer instantaneously.
6. When you do not receive what you want, know that I have responded that way for your own welfare.
7. I stay by you even if you turn away from me.
8. I am always looking at you from the eyes of my heart.
9. I will destroy the negativity in you with my love for you.
10. I pretend to ignore you only for you to turn towards the right way.
11. I will never get angry with you but I deal firmly with your mundane affairs.
12. I alone stand and carry the burden of your worries and tears.
13. Whenever you experience fear in conducting a task, it is because you denied me and your own truth.
14. Give up your desires; then all your tasks and duties become mine.
15. I have sent you to fight this battle of life in my chariot, with my horses, and with me as your charioteer.
16. Your devotion is my breath, my only food.
17. I will never give up on you; you are mine even when you are unaware of it.
18. You do not need to search for truth…you are the truth. My light alone shall make you see that and I will grace you with that.
19. Nothing is difficult, nothing is painful, nothing is unbearable…why, it is me who has to face your misery, you are only to remember to call me.
20. I am always happy for you in whatever you choose, for I know that in whatever you do, I will be there to protect you from all evil.
21. Never be afraid of me, I am your root. If you fear me, then you will lose the true vision.
22. I will free you…that is my solemn pledge. Have faith…and that faith shall return you to me.
23. Live my life of loving all with an equal eye; then misery will fear your front door!
24. Did you wake up with another worry? Did you forget me again?
25. I never say things half-heartedly and the things I do not mean. My words have the strength of my presence.
26. I do not haggle, bargain or compromise. I do fully what is right until the end.
27. I listen patiently to what you have to say; you too must listen patiently to what I have to say
28. I give you sometimes what you desire only so that one day you willingly uproot the root of that desire and cast away its rotting fruit.
29. I am never deaf to your requests.
30. I know every part of your life, the lives of your past and the life to come. I always prepare you for all that.
31. I do not change your mind; I change your ways with my example.
32. I myself bear many pains so that you learn to live with the awareness of truth alone and ignore the destructive calls of nature.
33. I shall teach you the perfect way of life…a life of pure, unconditional love.
34. I alone test you and again in that test, I alone help you to succeed.
35. Whenever you are lonely, you shall hear my voice from within.
36. The greatest proof of my presence within you is that you always wish to live for me, sometimes with your awareness and sometimes without.
37. Even when all misunderstand you, I alone understand you at all times and I alone shall bring you out of that misery.
38. I am attached to your love as much as you are attached to mine.
39. There is no distance between you and me. I am as close to you as you are to yourself.
40. I am there with you…right now…this very moment… As you wonder if this is true, I too wonder what else, my dear one, could I do other than being with you

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