Very veggie very fresh

Very veggie very fresh

Very Veggie Very Fresh. Summers and Salads make for a great combo for everyone, and all the more for diet conscious ones who substitute their meals...

Summers and Salads make for a great combo for everyone, and all the more for diet conscious ones who substitute their meals with salads. While there are varieties of salads to choose from, the vegetarian version is always the best option when you look for fresh and sumptuous salad. Here are a few pointers to remember while making your vegetarian salads.

Get your Salad leaves fresh and as green as possible. They are high in fibre, Vitamin C and K and make for a good Salad base. However, not all green leaves are high in nutritional value. In that order, lettuce is a little lower in nutrition. Spinach, on the other hand has twice as much Vitamin K, a lot of Vitamin A that will replenish half of what you need on a daily basis and Calcium and Iron. You can also use Arugula, Cabbage and Kale.

Make your salad colourful with a nice assortment of vegetables. Every week, you can make a salad mix using carrots, cucumber, celery, beetroot, pumpkin and capsicum etc that you may find unused in your refrigerator, but add wetter ones like tomatoes later. That way you have a salad ready whenever you have hunger pangs, and you can also add the mix in your sandwiches and wraps.

Always remember, if you are planning to skip your meal for a salad, you must add a bit of carbohydrates. Otherwise, you can be suffering from hunger pangs due to low energy and succumb to binging. Carbohydrates with low GI – sweet potato, bean (that can also substitute your protein) and corn can be added to your salad or you can have with wholegrain bread or crackers.

If you like your Salads creamy, you can go for cheese, but take care not to overdo it if you are dieting. A nice homemade dressing can be prepared by mixing half measure Mayonnaise, a teaspoon each of ground mustard and pepper, a couple of garlic cloves, blend and add water and lemon juice. You may also add nuts and oil, however health conscious ones can choose walnuts and olive oil.

Last, but the most important part of making a salad is to sprinkle just a bit of salt and drizzle some olive oil just before serving for the crunchiness and flavour. Never mind the salt you may have added in the salad and the dressing.

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