The future lies in digital: Actor Aniruddh Dave

The future lies in digital: Actor Aniruddh Dave

Actor Aniruddh Dave talks about his web series, why it’s fun to be married to an actor as well how satisfied he is in his career

Actor Aniruddh Dave talks about his web series, why it’s fun to be married to an actor as well how satisfied he is in his career


You are doing a web series directed by Vikram Bhatt's daughter and this is your debut in the medium. How has your experience been?

Yes, this is the first time that I am doing something in the digital space. I have been part of the theatre and my experience has undoubtedly been very good. As far as television and Bollywood are concerned, it's been quite long that I have been part of these platforms as well.

I feel that now is the time for web series and audience have really taken to this format. The future lies here itself. No one has time to watch anything on television these days. Whatever you love to watch, you can watch on your cell phone.

Tell us about your role?
My role is very special. It is a high-performance oriented role. It was a very tough role for me to portray. The character has different shades, both negative and positive.

How is it working with Vikram Bhatt as a co-star?
I never thought that a brilliant director can also be a good actor but when he started acting, it was very natural. He has a very good command over the language because he writes also. His acting is very realistic.

How is it working with Krishna Bhatt?
The first time when I saw her, I never thought that she will do something like this. But now that she is grown up, all I can say is that she has learned a lot and is doing a brilliant job. She has seen how shooting takes place right from her childhood days. She is technically superior to many others and her vision is clear. Her interpretation and perception of every shot is very clear. And if you are working with a young director, you can freely discuss ideas, which is great.

TV, films and theatre; you have done almost everything, which medium did you enjoy the most?
Obviously, theatre is my life, but I think when you work in a film or any series, it gives you immense pleasure, as an actor. It gives you different kick altogether. You work on a certain character for a period, which makes it fun. For me, I feel that irrespective of the medium, whatever character you are playing, you should be honest in your portrayal. As far as these platforms are concerned, I think it’s all equal for me.

Are you satisfied with your career?
I have always essayed different and one of a kind role. I have tried every genre and have hosted as well. I am exploring more avenues to grow in this field.

You are happily married to Shubhi Ahuja who is an actress. How does it feel?
It feels so good when you come back home and discuss your scene, apart from your personal life. We often consult each other in work-related decisions and give each other advice.

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