Fine crystal for fine homes

Fine crystal for fine homes

Every home should possess at least one or two pieces of fine crystal. Most of us cannot afford to possess a crystal chandelier, but one or two small...

Every home should possess at least one or two pieces of fine crystal. Most of us cannot afford to possess a crystal chandelier, but one or two small pieces, which are cherished and well looked-after add to the beauty and allure of a house.

Fine crystal is considered high-quality glass. In order for the product to be classified as crystal rather than glass, at least 10 per cent lead oxide has to be present. The definition of the crystal is essentially clear glass. Most people, when they say crystal, are referring to something that has lead in it. Lead is what gives crystal the brilliance.

When the crystal is fired, lead helps bring out the extraordinary quality of brilliance, sound and texture in the crystal. When you see a crystal vase and the light hits it and it sparkles, that is because of lead. With vases and bowls, the lead content is not high enough to be harmful. Most of the crystal stemware has 24 per cent lead content, and most high-end glasses are lead or have lead content in them.

Fine crystal is also related to the level of craftsmanship that goes into each piece. If a piece is made exceptionally well, then it is referred as fine crystal. Some of the finest crystal ever made is from Baccarat, France and Waterford, Ireland. When the crystal production expanded its scope at Baccarat, the company built a reputation for having the best stemware, chandelier, barware and perfume bottles.

Waterford Crystal, Swarovski, Baccarat, Lalique, Riedel, Mikasa, Orrefors, Kosta Boda and Wedgwood are the finest brands and are coveted by one and all. Waterford Lamps and Chandeliers, Stemware and Vases, Swarovski Silver Crystal or Baccarat Crystal Collectibles are highly prized possessions.

Proper care and usage of the fine crystal can help an owner maintain it in top condition and make it last forever. When storing fine china, place something between each plate to avoid scratches. Do not place items at extreme temperatures and do not place gold-rimmed items in microwave. Crystal stemware is not recommended for the dishwasher if it is considered fine crystal. Very fine products that one wants to have for a long time should be hand-washed and dried carefully with a soft cloth.

Some like to collect crystal shaped like flowers. These permanent arrangements save one the bother of buying and changing fresh flowers every few days. Roses, tulips, chrysanthemums and many more are available. There is a good range to be bought online too.

Displaying your favourite animal in crystal form is a great way to complement your home's decor. Crystal figurines are appreciated by all. Fine crystal animal figurines are beautiful and they make the perfect gift for anyone. They also make amazing centrepieces and can decorate a home uniquely.

There are many different animals to choose from when it comes to the crystal. Crystal animal figurines can range from very inexpensive items to rather expensive if you are looking at collections like the Waterford or others.

A crystal animal figurine will be an amazing display piece anywhere in the house or a centrepiece on a table. Most people love the way the light hits off of them and the way the pieces are transparent in a way. Some of the most favoured animal figurines that are the most common include the fish, eagle, bear amongst others. Insects like butterflies and dragonflies are also very popular.

Glass and wooden display cases showcase one’s prized possessions. Mirrored glass and halogen lamps add to the beautiful effect. Clear crystal or coloured, each piece of crystal showcases the owner’s taste and individuality and add to the ambience of any home.

By:Beyniaz Edulji

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