Closeness, Relevance!

Closeness, Relevance!

Proximity in today’s market is still an advantage for a brand or a retailer. It is only the definition of it that has changed. Being close to your...

Proximity in today’s market is still an advantage for a brand or a retailer. It is only the definition of it that has changed. Being close to your consumers is not physical distance anymore, thanks to the internet and social media. The biggest of brands are just a social status/post update from their customers and just a click away to know their behavioural patterns.

What makes a brand the best among people is its capability to utilise this proximity, deep customer understanding, desires, and give them something before they even articulate it. In layman terms, being relevant. World-renowned internet product and service company Google has been doing just that for decades now. Understanding consumer behaviour and empowering culture. This is what drives them as a brand, makes them important. In the third phase of its campaign #LookBeforeYouLeave, Google Maps is reinforcing its commitment to being culturally relevant and important to us.

In one of my previous columns, I articulated the first two phase of the campaign and how they spoke clearly about the unpredictability of Indian roads due to various reasons. And after the success of first two phases, the third one is a hilarious retouch of every Indian’s ‘Five Minute Story’. The third phase of the #LookBeforeYouLeave campaign reminds us of all the times we lied about reaching a friends place/office/party in five minutes.

Cleverly picking on the cultural behaviour behind "bas panch minute", Google Maps proposes how the smart use of the app can help plan your travel and make ‘panch minute’ a real thing. We love the way Google has been treating subjects and addressing the key pain points by narrating relatable human stories which are culturally relevant.

The campaign depicts a typical Indian wedding scene where the florist is running late. On being asked how much time he will take to reach, he constantly says, “bas paanch minute”. The hilarious advert shows how the florist (who is strategically named Lateef Phool Wala) turns a wedding into a nightmare through unnecessary frustration. We all know when someone says that they will reach in five minutes, chances are, they won’t. Relevance level - Max.

As simple as it may look, the campaign is strategic and sharp in its communication. It not just enhances the existing brand proposition and encourages the existing users to use the app more frequently, but also invites the traditional generation to use the app to simplify and optimise their travel.

Right from the first phase of #LookBeforeYouLeave campaign, Lowe Lintas has done a commendable job in leveraging every cultural insight and building them into workable concepts that hold the potential to enhance product awareness and eventually increase the number of installs, average monthly and daily users.

By: Tushar Kalawatia

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