Curtains to beautify your home

Curtains to beautify your home

There is no need to have drab rooms. Transforming the interior of your room is just a change of curtains away. Without spending a bomb, anyone can...

There is no need to have drab rooms. Transforming the interior of your room is just a change of curtains away. Without spending a bomb, anyone can bring a positive change in their homes just by using curtains more innovatively.

Curtains are used to provide privacy and block light but they also soften window edges and can add colour and texture to any decor. Curtains can be a great way to change the look of your interiors, while also helping to filter natural light into your room. If you are looking to control the amount of light in your space as well as add decorative appeal, new drapes are the answer. They absorb sound to create a quieter room, and are ideal for glass doors and windows.

Some curtain styles lend themselves better to a particular decor style: A tailored French or pleated curtain works well for a formal or traditional room. Sheer curtains can lend a romantic yet modern look to a living room. Sheers consist of lightweight fabrics like net or lace and give a see-through appearance. They are used along with curtains made of thicker materials as sheers provide little privacy.

Tab top curtains are hung with a rod that slips through flat loops spaced along the top edge of the curtain. Casual in appearance, they don't require pull cords for opening or closing.

Curtains come in both custom-made and ready-made varieties. Ready-made curtains which are also more convenient to buy often cost considerably less than a custom design.

Curtains come in a variety of fabrics and designs. You can get normal curtains for your house or expensive designer ones. From silk to cottons to satins to nets to lace to nylon, curtains can be made from all kinds of fabrics from simple to rich, from thick to sheer.

Shower curtains are used in the bathroom around the shower or bath tub area to keep the water from getting all over the bathroom floor. This helps you to keep your bathroom dry and clean at all times. Different synthetic or natural materials determine the different types of shower curtains. Polyester and vinyl shower curtains are waterproof and very practical and inexpensive. You can get them in colours to match your bathroom tiles too.

When it comes to kitchen curtains, one should keep in mind the very real danger of a fire hazard. If one must have curtains here, it is best not to choose synthetic or nylon kitchen curtains for safety reasons. Natural fabric like cotton is usually recommended for kitchen windows.

Colour co-ordination is important for the curtains of all rooms. The colour of the curtain should complement the colour of the wall of the room. If your room is small you should go for light colours and if the room is big you should for dark colours as it makes your room look spacious yet compact.

The sunnier side of your house should have thick curtains to block the sunlight from heating up your room too much and on the other side you can always use fabrics like net or lace. If it is the children’s room then you should choose something like cartoons or alphabets, numbers or animals. For the master bedroom, curtains should add to the grace of the room and the guest room’s curtains should be subdued with warm colours.

Curtain rods should be chosen with care to complete the elegant new look. Curtain rods hold the curtains from the window top and let the curtain fall to its full length. You can choose the colour of the rods to match the colour of the wall or the curtains. The brackets that you choose for the rods can range from simple to intricate ones.

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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