Beautify your balcony

Beautify your balcony

A balcony or veranda can be left open to the elements or enclosed with glass or other building materials to beautify it. Some of the ways this space...

A balcony or veranda can be left open to the elements or enclosed with glass or other building materials to beautify it. Some of the ways this space can be used to its optimum are:

Open air dining: Use an umbrella, some pots for lush greenery, and a rustic wooden table or a checked bright tablecloth to give this space a look of a scenic countryside.

Retro space: Antique chairs, a wooden bench or a carved table can give you a vintage look. Add a pair of needlepoint stools and the look is complete!

Hanging baskets with plants: Some geraniums or hardy climbing ivy training from baskets can instantly beautify your balcony space.

Enclosed balcony: Seal off balconies so the rain doesn’t come in. Then you can convert it into a study with lots of books, colourful cushions and cosy armchairs.

Colourful rugs: Nothing quite amps up your balcony as much as rugs and inexpensive carpets.

Ceiling fans: Though a necessity in warm weather, one can go in for ornate or vintage fans with lights to match.

Warm lighting and table lamps: These can be brought in for a brighter atmosphere. Tiffany lamps will work wonders here.

Greenhouse effect: This can be achieved with wrought iron benches or chairs, plant holders, vases, and even pretty wine bottles filled with plants. A terrarium will give your balcony a unique touch.

Cane furniture: For a different look which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, go in for cane furniture. Tables, chairs, sofas and side tables, even a bar made out of cane can improve the look of your veranda.

Antique swing with brass chains: A veranda can have a swing in a corner or if you have space, as a centrepiece. An old carved swing with brass chains would make a beautiful centrepiece.

Dining area: You can even convert this area into a dining space. There is nothing quite as appetising as eating in an area overlooking green trees with fresh air coming in.

Collection of pots and planters: Even if you are living in an apartment, you can display your porcelain pots and planters on a stand in your balcony. Plants like bougainvillaea and petunias make a colourful splash.

Colourful folding chairs: Metal chairs in bright colours make for a unique look on the veranda or balcony.

Wall plates, flags and anchors: Use a unique theme to decorate your balcony or veranda such as wall plates collected from different places that you have travelled to, or brass anchors or colourful flags from different countries.

Fragrant plants: Some plants attract a host of butterflies and you can just sit on your veranda and watch all the beautiful butterflies flit around.

Cacti and succulent collection: These add to the beauty of your balcony. Invest in beautiful planters and plants. Take care not to over water these plants. Build sturdy wrought iron or wooden stands and paint them in bright colours to show off your collection to its best effect.

Marble table and glazed tiles: These can add a different dimension to this space.

There are so many ways to increase the visual appeal of these spaces. The key is to make your balcony or veranda reflect your own unique personality.

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