Make your tiny apartment look bigger

Make your tiny apartment look bigger

Light coloured walls and floors reflect more light thus making your living space look more airy and spacious.

Use lighter colours: Light coloured walls and floors reflect more light thus making your living space look more airy and spacious.

Leave gaps between furniture and walls: Furniture when pushed up against the walls looks cramped and boring. Leaving a few inches gap between your furniture and the walls makes your room look more open and gives the illusion of space.

Choose multi-functional furniture: Use furniture that is multipurpose or comes with storage spaces as that will help reduce the amount of external storage like cupboards or racks as well as reduce clutter thus making your living area look more spacious.

Play with lighting: Use lamps and windows rather than overhead lighting to spread light around the room. This will prevent concentration of light in one part of the room and thus make it look larger. Make use of natural light wherever possible.

Use statement furniture: Using large piece of furniture such as one couch instead of a three piece sofa set reduces clutter and makes the room more spacious.

Let your walls express: Dramatic pieces of décor and wall art like classic movie posters or vinyl records not only add visual appeal but also another layer to the room making it look larger. Also, it lets you express yourself!

Use negative spacing and minimalism: Leave empty spaces and use stamen pieces in terms of furniture or art which will attract the eyes of anyone coming in. Negative and empty spacing helps highlight what needs to be highlighted and give an illusion of extra space.

Play with drapes: Use sheer or light coloured drapes in soft fabrics or leave windows uncovered to give more depth to the room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall!: Mirrors are great in adding depth and dimension to a room and make it look way bigger than it really is.

Streamline: Streamline your furniture and artwork and decorative piece by colour coordinating them to make the room look more organised and spacious.

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