Time to meet the New You…

Time to meet the New You…

We all know what’s good for us and what should be avoided, so why do we end up doing the opposite? It’s simple – it’s the MIND! But luckily we can be...

We all know what’s good for us and what should be avoided, so why do we end up doing the opposite? It’s simple – it’s the MIND! But luckily we can be in control of our Mind! Our thoughts determine our actions which eventually culminate into habits, and these in turn shape our destiny. Are you ready to take your destiny into your hands?

Changing a habit may sound difficult. There are so many factors that determine the change – one’s willingness, the situation, the environment, the level of commitment, the influence of family and friends, childhood experiences and more. Simple habit changes can make all the difference in the world. Most people wait till they get a serious wake up call. A few wise people change before they have problems.

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit. Whether that’s really true or not, it’s all up to us to set the goals and then put our minds into gear for a period of time to make the change a habit. Once the habit is changed the effort required is minimal.

Here are some tips to help you…

Stick notes around
Write down your goal and stick small notes around as reminders – inside your cupboard, the car, office, kitchen….wherever you can see them often.

Find an alternative
It’s much easier to start doing something new than to stop doing something altogether. For instance instead of stopping milk totally, why not make the alternative nut milks – that will make it easier.

Educate your mind
Once the mind is convinced, the rest is a vegan cake-walk! So if you wish to adopt to the whole plant based diet for your health, then start reading about it, watch testimonials of people who have been on this diet, join our facebook page, whatsapp support, workshops, movie screenings, pot-lucks etc.

Join a group
It always helps when you are doing it with others on the same path. Each one motivates the others. Do it as a family or at work with your colleagues or join a support group. If you cannot find a group, rope in a friend who wants to change the same habit as yours!

Set a goal
It all starts with the awareness that you need change! So once that’s identified, set specific acheivable goals and make a plan. Start with small steps…that’s always how a journey begins.

Forget the time
Enjoy the journey….it doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you get there.

Visualise the results as if they have already happened. Make mental images of the same…it helps keep on track!

Reward yourself
When you have been able to stick to the new change for a while, reward yourself, you deserve it!

It’s OK to make mistakes
Making a mistake once or twice has no measurable impact on your long-term habits. Acknowledge the mistake and develop strategies to get back!

Change because you want to
If you are doing it for someone else or due to some pressure, then it won’t last long. You should only change if you want to, and then it’s faster and possible.

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