10 grooming tips every man should know

10 grooming tips every man should know

Intensive grooming is not even considered by a surprising amount of men in India It is almost considered feminine for a guy to groom perfectly Here are a few tips to keep you groomed

Intensive grooming is not even considered by a surprising amount of men in India. It is almost considered feminine for a guy to groom perfectly. Here are a few tips to keep you groomed

Treat your beard right
Growing a beard, long or short is a style statement for many men. Whether it’s just a stubble or a full-grown Dutch, keeping it clean is of priority. Trim irregular growth, trim it in shape and use beard products that suit you to keep it clean, maintain ph levels and smell nice. Maintaining a neat blade and trimmer kit will help you augment beard habits into your daily life.

Nose and ear hair
Treating hair on the head and beard trimmer is not the end of the tunnel. If you are someone who can feel hair growth on earlobes and nasal walls, you got to start snipping. Ear hair and nasal hair visibly showing on a date might ruin your plans, look at the mirror and deal with both, to achieve a perfectly groomed face.

Men do a lot to their hair in order to be stylish and whatnot. This usually puts stress on the scalp and the hair themselves resulting in irreversible hair damage. These simple tips are here to help: moisturise using hair oils, trim hair once every 3-4 weeks, use quality hair products even if expensive and wash hair at least two times a week! After all, there’s nothing worse than stinky and fuzzy looking hair on a man.

Hand and foot hygiene
Trimming your nails and filing is the most basic you can go. Handshakes are vital, and you wouldn’t want your dirty hands to get in the way. Keep your hands clean, moisturised every step of the way. Foot nail is also of utmost importance and keeps curly hair on them out of the way. If you have the condition seek simple medical help or adopt foot hygiene habits like washing frequently.

Find your fragrance
Do not ever settle for cheap and no-quality perfumes. If you are investing in a fragrance that may potentially be your identity to a lot of senses, be brave enough to try more than 2 or 3 types until you find the right one. Stay loyal to the fragrance and the rewards are plenty. Quality brands are not only long lasting but also safe to use on your clothes and skin.

Maintaining a spotless face requires certain tasks but it is well worth it. Simple things like using a face scrub once a week and washing your face before sleeping goes a long way in making you look perfect. Use and research products best suited for your skin type and results will lead you the way.

Body cleanse
While shaving body hair is one’s own personal choice, shaving armpits is a matter of personal hygiene. As far as washing your body, try using body washes which emphasise more on body cleansing than its own scent. Investing in a quality body wash may just give you the fresh kick you would need every morning.

Keep yourself moisturised
Any part of the body left unattended and dry is treasonous to one’s self. Dry skin is a dead give way that you are not hygienic enough. Chapped lips and well-moisturised skin not only look clean but also really healthy.

Health is everything
Your health may cause direct impact on so many grooming aspects. Smoking leads to bad hair, bad breath as well as bad body odour. Eat food in moderation and consume veggies on at least a minimum basis. Exercise to keep your body and brain fit and fine to make you’re grooming habits worthwhile.

Not wearing shoddy clothes after so much grooming is such a no-brainer. Learning to dress for the occasion, dressing formals the way it should be is what makes you complete. Maintain a simple code suitable for your style, stay comfortable and stick to it to look presentable as ever.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief stylist, Voonik

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