Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!

Each year, the bakery landscape constantly alters itself to meet the consumers demand Health is an individuals foremost priority And so, vegan, gluten...

Each year, the bakery landscape constantly alters itself to meet the consumers’ demand. Health is an individual’s foremost priority. And so, vegan, gluten free, trans fat free, cholesterol free, preservative-free foods are some of the options people consider while making their food choices. Baked goods, especially creamy pastries, feather light puffs and artisan breads are a foodie’s favourite

Edible toppings: Edible flowers, candles and other 3D designs on cakes and cupcakes is a trend to celebrate special occasions. Many supermarkets have introduced their own selection of edible flowers with varieties including candied crystallised rose petals, marigolds and pansies.

Vegan cakes and bakes: With the number of vegans rising, the trend for vegan cakes and bakes is seeing an increase this year. Also, the ready availability of ingredients and specialised pre-mixes makes it effortless for the baker to deliver to the choosy palate!

Doughnut fillings: Chocolate doughnuts, sugar glazed ones are so passé. Cronuts, colourful sprinkles, fruit-based fillings, various coloured and flavoured chocolate glaces, crunchy toppings are ways in which chefs present their imaginative side.

Dessert tables: From weddings to birthday parties, popularity of dessert variants is on a high this year. Instead of one stand-alone cake, the bakery business is set to see a variety of fancy sweet-treats on the plates. Macaroon towers, cake pop stands, cupcake platters, chocolate fondues, petit fours, bite sized samplers are making a comeback.

Buried in berries: People are obsessed with berries these days. Blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, raspberries, are doing the rounds on different dishes these days, be it cakes, ice creams, etc. When it comes to cake decoration, berries add a stunning finish to the look of the fancy cakes. An avalanche of juicy berries will be the easiest way to add an elegant, modern touch to a classic vanilla sponge or simple layer cake

Loafing around: It is noticed that bakers are more curious than fearful of yeast doughs these days, with the realisation that bread making is more than a well risen loaf. On bakers to-‘dough’ list these days are sourdough specials, babas and brioches and anything from a panettone to a panini is preferred and can be just as pleasing as a pizza, pita or a paratha. For the baker, the world is a global village where a

New wave cookies: Cookie making has seen broader horizons this year with the use of alternate flours, flavours and techniques. We’re seeing jumbo cookies, gooey cookies and a return to the favoured choc chip variety, but far less sweet and with far more complex flavours and textures. The ideal byte for todays on-the-go, time-strapped generation.

Botanical flavors: Floral notes of rose, lavender and hibiscus will be making their way into 2018 baking, alongside savory flavours from thyme, rosemary and basil. Added flower power brings an enigmatic and subtle botanical flavour to everyday baking. Top tip – lavender and vanilla are a divine combination but go easy on the lavender otherwise your treats will risk tasting soapy!

Chef Rudolph Almeida, Corporate Chef, AAK Kamani Pvt Ltd

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