Google, Bing To Face Competion From Tumblr

Google, Bing To Face Competion From Tumblr

Google, Bing To Face Competion From Tumblr. Tumblr's Year-End Lists To Feature 'Young, Unconventional' Categories

Wellington: The year-end lists at tech giants like Yahoo, Google, Bing and others are set to face competition from an unconventional and young take from Yahoo-owned Tumblr that boasts of a youngest audience.

Google, Bing To Face Competion From TumblrTumblr bought for 1.1 billion dollars by Yahoo, is apparently flaunting its hipster credentials with a first-ever revelation of this year's hottest trends, topics and celebrities including sections devoted to photo bombing, fingernail art, and LGBT communities.

According to, Tumblr has begun with an exploration of 20 categories ranging from the most popular musical groups to the most interesting architecture of 2013 and the review will continue through December with daily posts spanning 40 more categories that will be displayed on the New Year's Eve.

As more than half of Tumblr's 170 million users are less than 35 years old, the musings figure stand out being drawn from a younger audience that differs from the more conventional crowds that flock to general-purpose search engines.

Meanwhile, the conventional lists by mainstream search engines tend to be more prosaic and predictable recitations that pore through the most popular celebrities, movies, singers, TV shows, and news stories.

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