'Spill-resistant' keyboard cover for iPad Air


'Spill-Resistant' keyboard Cover For iPad Air. Logitech Fabric Skin Keyboard Folio Has A Keyboard Layout, Thinner Than Its Previous Version For The iPad 4.

Washington: Logitech has reportedly created an innovative, 'Spill Resistant' keyboard cover for iPad Air.

The Logitech Fabric Skin Keyboard Folio has a keyboard layout, thinner than its previous version for the iPad 4 and its minimal construction goes well with the Air tablet.
 'Spill-Resistant' keyboard Cover For iPad Air
According to Cnet, despite being thinner and minimal, the cost of the keyboard at 149.99 dollars is likely to be expensive for customers.The case covered in a rubbery, silicone-like material feels soft on the outside but on the inside the rubberized fabric has a little more friction.
The keys are flat, responsive but oddly spaced and like previous FabricSkin, the A key shares its space with Caps Lock, the Tab and Q keys are combined, and colon/semicolon and other punctuation keys are compressed.
Some premium features like the cover automatically pairs with the iPad after snapping into position against a magnet above the keyboard and saves battery life and when the cover is folded into tablet-viewing mode, the keyboard is deactivated.
The report said that the Fabric skin, weighing 0.94 pound, almost equal to the iPad Air itself, can be recharged via Micro-USB and a full charge would last at least three months.
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