California woman found 'not guilty' of watching TV while driving

California woman found

California Woman Found 'Not Guilty' Of Watching TV While Driving.

London: A Google Glass wearer in the UShas been reportedly found 'not guilty' for watching television while driving after an officer ticketed her for using a visible 'monitor'.

A software developer and part of Google's Glass Explorer's team, Cecilia Abadie was pulled over for speeding in October last year, but the Californian denied the charges.

California Woman Found 'Not Guilty' Of Watching TV While Driving

According to Sky News, Cecilia's case is the first known alleged traffic violation for wearing Google's wearable computing eyeglasses while driving.

Her lawyer William Concidine argued that the device was not activated when she was driving and court commissioner John Blair ruled that there was no proof if the gadget was operating or in use while Abadie was driving.

After the ruling,
Cecilia said that the Google Glass does not give drivers any 'blind spot', before adding that there is a need to start experimenting with devices like this as it is a hands-free device, safer than a cell phone.

Google's hi-tech device feature a small thumbnail-size transparent display above the right eye and the images displayed on it is not visible to anyone but the wearer, making it difficult to determine whether a device is on or not.

The device is yet to be made public and
Cecilia's case points to the immediate need for modification in traffic and privacy rules as wearables are touted to be the next big thing in consumer electronics sector.

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