Snapchat 'find ghost' feature ensures users not 'spambots'

Snapchat find ghost feature ensures users not spambots

Snapchat 'Find Ghost' Feature Ensures Users Not 'Spambots'

Washington: Auto-destruct photo sharing app Snapchat has rolled out a new security measure that ensures that new users are notspambots.
Snapchat 'Find Ghost' Feature Ensures Users Not 'Spambots'
Snapchat now displays a unique challenge-response test upon signing up for the first time, and it that asks the user to "find the ghost" in various pictures, the Verge reports.
If the user picks the photos with ghosts, it's a pass, but if other photos are picked up, the app won't allow signing up predicting the user as a robot, the report added.
The new security measures, including recent changes to its API that limit user requests, came after recent Snapchat's username leak and increases in "Snap spam."

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