Google working on offering 10 gigabits Internet speed

Google working on offering 10 gigabits Internet speed

Google Working On Offering 10 Gigabits Internet Speed. Google Fiber Service Offers Data Speeds Of 1 Gigabit Per Second, And The Search Giant Is Working On Technology To Provide Faster Data TransferSpeeds.

Washington: Google is reportedly working on offering data transfer speeds of 10 gigabits per second as part of its project to develop 'next generation' of the Internet.
Currently, Google Fiber service offers data speeds of 1 gigabitper second, and the search giant is working on technology to provide faster data transferspeeds.
Google's Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Pichette, said that the project was part of the search giant's broader, long-term obsession with speed, USA Today reports.
According to the report, faster speeds would increase the use of software as a service because users would be able to trust that critical applications that are data intensive would run smoothly over the Internet.
Pichette said that Google is trying to make the technology available in three years.
The report said that Google is not the only one working on this technology as last year, researchers in the UK announced that they achieved data transmission speeds of 10 gigabits per second using " li-fi"- a wireless Internet connectivity technology that uses light.

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