The subscription-based curated edutainment service for kids, AppyStore has launched its premium mobile app. The new medium has videos handpicked by experts for children upto six years of age, integrating holistic learning with limitless fun. 

Through the app, parents can easily track their child’s progress in learning areas based on the number of videos viewed. 

The content is designed to enable children to acquire optimal skills and qualities in line with the irrespective age relevant developmental milestones. 

With 5,000 videos classified across 18 learning areas, the app offers an alternative to other ‘fun-only’ video sites for children.

Manoj Barot, Director – Marketing, Appystore.in, said, “With technology fast becoming an integral part of life from a very early age, the learning experience for children has also undergone a major evolution over the past few years. 

This growing need for edutainment solutions in a safe, secure and engaging learning environment is why we have launched AppyStore. 

Children can now easily improve their logical thinking with fun puzzles, learn the importance of physical fitness, get involved in outdoor activities and imbibe good socio-emotional values with the help of the app. 

Moreover, as our app is extremely kid-friendly, parents can hand over their phones to their children without having to worry about explicit content, irrelevant ads or pop-ups.”

The AppyStore content is handpicked by teachers and experts in the field of child education who are in sync with school curricula in India and across the globe.