Adilabad: In all, 13 villages are languishing in darkness in Adilabad district even after seven decades of the country becoming independent.

The villages are: Dimmipur, Hanuman Nagar and Mediguda in Boath mandal, Newsurthapur in Neredigonda mandal, Telangraoguda, Upasnala and Vishnuguda in Chela mandal, Rajeev Nagar in Tamsi mandal, Lachchipur, Heerapur and Gangapur in Indravelli mandal, Baddunaik thanda in Bazarhatnur mandal and Kolamguda in Ichchoda mandal.

Dimmipur, which is hardly 5 km away from the national highway, has no electricity. The population of the village is 200 distributed among 50 families. 

The hamlet came into existence 10 years ago. Since then it is deprived of power supply. “Villagers do not dare to step out of their homes after dark for fear of snakes and scorpions,” said Sankar Padhwal, a resident.

Another resident Rajita noted with fear that sometimes wild boars and snakes are finding their way into their homes.There are instances of snakes biting in the villagers.

In the absence of power supply, villagers could not buy fans. As a result, mosquito menace has become a huge problem. 

Students are finding it difficult to read under the oil lamps. The women have been attending to their chores using oil lamps.

There was no response from officials in spite of representing their problem to them umpteen number of times. 

The case of Newsurthapur, inhabited by about 61 families, is no different. The people are going about their work under the light of kerosene lamps.

Talking to The Hans India, one of the residents Rukmai said that she and other villagers were attending to their work under the light from their hearths. In Bhutaike village, there are 70 families. 

Local legislator Bapurao Rathod adopted the village under Grama Jyoti. The MLA promised roads and ‘pucca’ houses to the village. 

The villagers are incensed at the MLA for not even providing electricity to their village. 

One of the residents, Chander Singh, said with concern that the villagers have to go to neighbouring Kouta village to charge battery of their mobile phone.

Moreover, there is no pucca road facility to Hanuman Nagar. Children have to trek uneven and rough terrain for a distance of 3 km to reach their school.

Some of them are dropping out unable to trek the long distance. The villagers are urging the state government to sanction a school to their hamlet. 

There are only two borewells in the village for a population of 200 persons. As a result, the people are facing problems in getting adequate drinking water. 

During the summer, one of the borewells will go dry. Women are facing hardships in bringing water from agriculture wells.

The residents of these villages have been praying to government to provide basic amenities like ‘pucca’ roads, drinking water, electricity and so on.

Superintending engineer of the Energy department Jayant Rao said that the villages have been identified under the Deendayal scheme. 

As and when funds are received, the villages would be energised, he added.