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Hyderabad: The oldest Jain temple built with bricks and in terracotta style at Alvanpalli in Jadcherla district of the State lies in shambles. No effort has so far been taken by successive government to restore it.

According to the officials of Department of Archaeology and Museums, there are only two such structures now in the country. One is the oldest Hindu Temple built during Gupta period is located at Bhitargaon under Kanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. The second one is located in Telangana which was built between 7th and 8th century.

There are similarities between the two; while the one located in UP is the only remaining oldest Hindu temple and the other one is at Alvanpalli in Mahbubnagar district is the only remaining Jain temple built with bricks and in terracotta style, the sources added.

The temple, which was damaged around 18th century, has been remained exposed to vagaries of the nature. “This had resulted in the only remaining Jain brick temple suffering major damage as no efforts were being made to conserve it, besides it was left with no maintenance to protect it from further deterioration,” the sources pointed out.

Speaking to The Hans India, a senior official from the department pointed out, it was a rare temple which was built with large sized bricks and it was plastered with lime. And, it belongs to medieval times and it proves the continuation of the lime plastic art of the Amaravathi School with stucco decoration as its architectural features, he said.

As the department was not in a position to maintain the rare structure the sculptures of Mahaveera, Parsvanatha and few other historical importance had been moved to a local museum in Pillalamarri and some to the State Museum in the city.