Pune Police Raids on Varavara Rao House in Hyderabad
Pune Police Raids on Varavara Rao House in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Special police teams belonging to Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Telangana launched a combined operations at the residences of APCLC leader Varavara Rao, his daughter and few others in the city on Tuesday. 

The searches are stated to be part of the investigations in connection with the Maoist plot to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi unearthed recently in Pune. One suspect Ronald Wilson was arrested in this connection and laptop was also seized from his possession.

It is stated that the investigating authorities have gathered certain crucial information from the data found in the seized lap top including names of those allegedly financing the Maoists in their sinister plot.

Thus based on certain information, the special police from Pune and Chattisgarh with the assistance of Task Force Police of Telangana armed with search warrants launched the lighting search operations at the residence of Varavara Rao in an apartment in Gandhinagar. Similar search operations were also launched simultaneous at the residence of the daughter of Varavara Rao near by, at the residence of a Professor of IEFL in Nagole, at the residences of two journalists and two other sympathisers of APCLC.

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