Hyderabad-Medak railway works on track

Hyderabad-Medak railway works on track

The muchawaited HyderabadMedak rail connectivity is finally seeing the light of the day The allocation for the AkanapetMedak new line from 201415 to 201819 was Rs 169 crore and the budgetary allocation for the 201819 financial year is Rs12227 crore

Medak: The much-awaited Hyderabad-Medak rail connectivity is finally seeing the light of the day. The allocation for the Akanapet–Medak new line from 2014-15 to 2018-19 was Rs 169 crore and the budgetary allocation for the 2018-19 financial year is Rs122.27 crore. The new railway line is targeted for completion by March 2019. It is one of the important new railway line projects being monitored by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Medak being an important town situated nearer to capital city has so far not been connected by rail. At present the people from the Medak area are dependent on the road transport only. The project will bring the Medak district on the India Railway atlas and club the backward interior area people with rail network effectively.

The project was sanctioned in 2012-2013 at an estimated cost of Rs 117.72 crores for a distance of 17.2kilometers. It is destined to usher in a new dawn of financial growth and development in the region, on the strength of a reliable rail route, which will open up new avenues of mobility. The initiative of the railways has met the co-operation of the Government of Telangana, with the Indian Railways and the State Govt. bearing 50% of the project cost, each. In addition, the State government. has given land free of cost for the new rail line.Laying of the new line involves construction of 3 new Railway stations, 3 major bridges, 1 Road Over Bridge, 35 minor bridges and 15 Road Under Bridges.

Akanapet – Medak new railway line will provide connectivity to three more important towns with three newrailway stations including Medak.


1. Akanapet: it a station on the existing Secunderabad to Mudkhed Broad Gauge section. This station in futurebecomes a junction station with one main line and existing one loop line and one more loop line proposed to connect the Medak line. In addition to the high level platform one more high level plat form is proposed to accommodate the more trains with Foot Over Bridge. Ramayampet is the Mandal place which is 2 Kms near by the existing Akanapet station. The place is famous for manufacture of brass and silverwear, wooden furniture and statues.
2. Lakshmapur: Thiswill be a crossing station with one main line and two loop lines. One High level and one low level platforms are proposed. A new station building is proposed for construction including Relay, Battery/Generator room.
3. Shamanapur:This is a new halt with one low level plat form and a new station building for booking counter and waiting hall.
4. Medak: This is a developing town and District head quarters. This is also an important commercial centre for different agricultural products that is being exported to far of place. The place is famous for Medak Church of South India, Westly – South India’s largest Church since 1924. Once rail net work is being connected, it will be accommodate more benefit to the rail users/pilgrims to travel directly towards Mumbai, Nanded, Aurangabad, Delhi and Northern Districts of TelanganaState and the station importance will be amplified and become a tourist hub. This will be a terminal station facilitated with one main line, one passenger loop line and one goodsloading/unloading line. One high level platform and one rail level goods platform is proposed for the convenience on the passengers and freight loading/unloading. A new station building including Battery/Generator room is proposed for construction.

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