City soaks in spirit of peace, togetherness

City soaks in spirit of peace, togetherness

Tens of thousands of residents across the twin cities observed Christmas with religious fervour and gaiety on December 25

Hyderabad: Tens of thousands of residents across the twin cities observed Christmas with religious fervour and gaiety on December 25. With multiple nationalities in attendance at churches throughout the country, churches saw congregations of the devout who partook in the joy and festivities, inspired as they were by the message of the Christ. Churches, big and small alike, had priests lead a number of masses in different languages across the state capital. It was a great opportunity and salubrious occasion for many to spend quality time with family and friends at various attractions on this public holiday. Stars were brightly lit at individual houses and at several streets, along with tastefully decorated festoons and series lamps. Churches and cathedrals of various congregations were decked up beautifully and were illuminated with dazzling lights of different colours to celebrate Christmas which has grown beyond religion. Some MIM MLAs too cut the cake and celebrated the festival at churches in their respective localities.

Close to 1,ooo people made their way to the St George's church, one of the oldest in the city. The church holds great historic significance as it was donated by the Nizam's of Hyderabad for their British residents. . "The celebrations had begun at 11:30 PM on December 24,” said priest Parashamth Babu. On Tuesday, the prayer, bible reading and the hymn had elevated the Christmas day from 8:30 in the morning followed with the tea and cake.

Mizos add to the festivity

The Hyderabad Cooperation for Mizoram Fellowship (HCMF) has been celebrating Christmas at the St George's church for the past 25 years. More than 250 Mizosgathered this year as well in traditional costumes 'Puan'. Dennis, the Mizoram coordinator said, "We are celebrating Christmas in this church from past 25 years now and it was always very joyful." Daisy, a nursing student said, "We celebrate our festival here just the way we do it in our state." Most are students and a few work in nursing, engineering, graduation or are working in the city.

"The Hussain (a.s) inspires the world' organization were also seen at the church putting forth their believe of spreading love and affection to every individual unlike their religious beliefs. Asma Zara, the President of the organisation said, “We all belong to the same religion 'humanity' and it's our duty to wish happiness and exchange lovely gestures with our fellow brothers and sisters indifferent of their religious beliefs." She also added that it's their 4th year in which they are exchanging smiles and Christmas wishes with a few chocolates and cards.

Centenary Methodist Telugu Church

Christmas was celebrated with gaiety and religious fervor at Centenary Methodist church located at Abids. The church was colorfully decorated for the occasion. Settings of thatched animal shed with pictures depicting the birth of Jesus Christ were specially erected in the premises of church for the festival. Special prayers were offered early in the morning. People of all ages were seen congratulating one another. Christian hymns were sung in praise of Jesus. Some young women were seen taking selfies on the occasion with their friends and family members.

All Saint’s Church

The 220 families at the All Saint’s Church in Trimulgherry who a few years ago spent Rs 1.5 crore of their own money to save the church from falling apart met on Christmas Day. The church was built in 1860 A.D in cantonment of Secunderabad to serve the British. The gothic church is an imposing building with lots of turrets and a tower belfry. Alter of the church represents Jesus carrying the cross, on a stained glass window.Presbyter-in-charge is Rev Justice Moni. Robin, another member said, “We’re happy that the church is thriving. Here, there is a mass in both English and Tamil languages.”In a touching way, a group of deaf and dumb exchanged pleasantries at the St Joseph’s Church at King Kothi exemplifying the fact that celebrations do not need a language.

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