No solution in sight to traffic congestion
No solution in sight to traffic congestion

Malakpet: Owing to the non-upgradation of the Malakpet Railway under Bridge (RuB), the traffic congestion remains a serious problem with vehicles struck in traffic congestion for several minutes not only during peak hours by at any given time. 
Even though to contain the situation roads were widened at places and flyover was also constructed some years back, the authorities are yet to resolve the issue of age-old RuB, which failed to accommodate the increased traffic during the past three decades.

 People travelling through Malakpet are getting struck near the signal for a long time each day. “As the road connects Dilsukhnagar and Saidabad to other parts of the City, people commuting through Malakpet road have only gone up. Private and public vehicles have increased in the past 5 years and so is the traffic. This road is busy all the time. 

Because of the heavy flow of vehicles we are getting struck near the signal for more than 5-10 minutes. Especially in the morning around 7:30am – 10 am and in the evening around 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm there is huge traffic,” said Arjun Kumar, an employee.

“No matter how much early we start from home we will be late to the college. We are getting struck in the traffic jam. It starts from Nalgonda X road and will continue till Chaderghat circle. Road narrows down after reaching the Malakpet’s RuB. In addition to this metro rail is constructed here. Its apathetic that smaller roads are letting the traffic flow much smoothly,” laments Yamini, a student of RBVRR Women’s College.

“Sometimes it takes more than 40 minutes to reach Chaderghat from Malakpet. Traffic from small roads, Malakpet railway Station, metro station, is resulting in congestion. Roads should be widened or any alternate route should be provided us so that we can reach our destination on time,” said Prudhvi, a daily commuter.

“We are getting tired by the time we reach home from office. Traffic congestion is increasing our burden. We usually don’t get seat in buses during evening hours and we will get struck in traffic for more than 30 min. We are getting exhausted every day,” said Sudha, a lecturer.

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