Bowls of kindness for stray animals

Bowls of kindness for stray animals

After witnessing many animals drinking contaminated water and dying with various diseases, city-based techie Lakshman Molleti started Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) India in the city in 2017 to provide fresh water for animals by setting up water bowls all over the city. His project is not only limited to Hyderabad and his team is now doing the same all over India with the help of volunteers. Till date, the AWBP has set up more than 1500 water bowls all over India including 1200 in the city. 

Lakshman Molleti, founder of AWBP said, “Like us, water is a basic necessity for all the animals and suffer from various health challenges like dehydration, skin infections, fever and viral infections because of the unavailability of drinking water. Many even lose their lives because of this issue. If we can provide these animals with healthier surroundings, they will be less prone to diseases, which, in turn, will provide us with a healthier environment to live in. This thought led to the initiation of AWBP India,”Lakshman Molleti is a techie working in an MNC in the city. He set up AWBP along with the like-minded people in 2017. 

They started setting up water bowls for the thirsty animals in the city, bypooling their own money. At present, they are raising funds through crowdfunding sites.Molletisaid the vision of the project is to ensure that every stray animal gets safe drinking water around the clock, throughout the year. His team conducting various awareness activities about the importance of providing water for animals and making thought-provoking short films and screening it in various schools and colleges to inspire youngsters to be part of their cause.

The five rules 
AWBP team is providing water bowls for people & volunteers who want to be the part of this noble cause all over India with five rules. Lakshman shared, “We need serious volunteers and people who will work hard to help the thirsty animals and birds all over the country. If anyone contacts us, we are telling them to follow the five rules to make sure the water availability every day in the bowl and to provide fresh water. 

The volunteers must clean the bowls weekly once to make sure the fresh water will be available,”His team organised more than 50 events in Telangana, Mumbai and Maharashtra for the cause and interacted with people. Having 15 volunteers, they are looking for more active volunteers all over the country to make the project a big hit. They have their own customised bowls and have one manufacturer at Shilparamam.

The team gives numbers for every bowl to easily monitor and have ten access points in the city. Till date, they spent more than Rs 3.5 lakhs including their own money and through crowdfunding. People who want to be the part of the cause may visit their website

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