6-year-Old Electrocuted-Falls Prey to Staffs Negligence

6-year-Old Electrocuted-Falls Prey to Staffs Negligence

HYDERABAD: A 6 year old boy was electrocuted in Ranga reddy District on Monday night. The met with a fatal accident when he was playing in his housing society in Narsingi and he got Electrocuted. 

The victim was identified as class one student, The boy died on February 11 night after he got electrocuted from a lamp post.

He was reportedly playing a ball game with his friends when the ball rolled into the hole near the base of a lamp post, In his attempt to retrieve the ball the boy touched an exposed underground wire which electroctued him instantly. 

The protective iron plate which should have been removed by the society maintanence staff on January 26 was left uncovered due to technical reasons. Following the incident,police have booked a case of death caused by negligence.

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