Grand Canyon, a great spectacle

Grand Canyon, a great spectacle

Grand Canyon, a great spectacle, A noted scholar of the valley once spoke on an occasion about the term Kashmir and Kashmiri much differently.


A noted scholar of the valley once spoke on an occasion about the term Kashmir and Kashmiri much differently. The vehement scholar correlated the human evolution theory of Charles Darwin with Kashmir where Darwin derived that humans are the breed from monkeys and the monkeys have a special feature that they copy from other beings. The scholar said,’’ Charles Darwin’s theory fits accurate to Kashmir and Kashmiris have the special feature to copy others.’’

If we go through the geneses of the word ‘’copy and Kashmir’’ perhaps we will reach to the conclusion that we stand doctrinated in making replica of things in letter and spirit. Since we are naturally attributed to copying we have spread its scope to almost every sphere of life. Our youth too have carried the spirit of copying on their shoulders for the future generation. Starting from Shah Faesal who surprised the entire valley with his amazing success in IAS culminated the copying culture in Kashmiri youth.
We accept that success of Shah Faesal is something valuable before us. But the wave of career planning generated by his success among our students has done something good and too bad too at the same time. It was once talk of the day for parents to see their son becoming an MBBS doctor, but now Mushtaq Peer and sons have broken the back of all hopes of those sons and daughters who are seen wandering in early dawn in the MBBS coaching hubs of the city there is an another paradigm shift taking place of sending the wards overseas.
Everything our parents did to motivate us for MBBS. Since somehow we tried to do so but in the middle came a stage where we saw doctors joining administration and later administrators joining politics and in the recent spate journalists joining politics and doctors becoming columnists. This thing confused we commoners and we starting treating it as ‘’Factor’’ like Modi factor in India.
Moving to other state of affairs once my neighbor bought a below six figure car and parked it outside my gate I could not stop myself then from promising that I too will bring a super model car. Since i was a government employee my budget was bit less to afford a super car I moved to bank for car loan not because I want it because I want to show it. Today a leading bank of valley hosts more lakhs of car loan subscribers.
Ah ....not only this we copy and they copy in examinations too hahahaha. Recently the case of copying in examination hall surfaced against a state minister. So what copying in examination hall has nothing to do with monkeys but what to do we are their breeds hahaha.
Our new generation specifically is told not to talk in mother tongue in schools because it will harm the dignity of institution. So today they are not given dose of Kashmiri tomorrow they will are going to suffer mother tongue influenza.
Not only this, our writers or so called columnists too were caught of copying. A blog recently used the official word of copying as ‘’Plagiarism’’ and quoted a writer of hundred books as ‘’Plagiarist’’. The copying has reached to its highest limit so far when writers turned Plagiarists.
So by this way we are known as ISO certified copyists. We copy from others but why others don’t copy from us, are we sooo allergic? Oh nooo the problem is that we see the world from the mirror of those from whom we copy.
Have we seen hatrick of ‘’copy’’ I mean back to back copy. Let me tell now journalists started copying politicians in India and very bad this spice flew in air to here too as well and our renowned journalist joined politics oh not only one a very big name too in his 27’s is all set to contest assembly polls.
Too much of too much very recent some of our big bureaucratic names too said Hello to politics post retirement and even a retired police officer is going to fight assembly polls. State politics has got innumerable readymade pieces last year. Just those joined maintained the fabric of copying rather gave extra shine to Charles Darvin.
Ohhh…we forgot to mention copying in music. Our government left no stone unturned to show Kashmiris the music of Zubin Mehta. They wanted us forcibly to copy English lyrics but oh God saved us and Zubin show failed to attract our hearts. Our government wanted to replace Kashmiri by English but zero result. First attempt of failed copying was reported.
This copying has so much power that it slit the relation of Andhra Pradesh Reddy and congress and this copying atmosphere was hugged by our separatist leadership who in recent episode took full fledged advantage of it and now a difference we see in the agendas of our separatists ideologies.
The height of copying last year went in the lap of our beloved chief minister too who backed Rahul Gandhi on the issue of legalizing gay sex. Our chief minister if any copied from Gandian scion state straightforwardly treated gay sex a matter of personal choice.
While looming new horizons in the world of copying this time the term went directly to the spice industry of Kashmir. The manufacturers of the spices copied from the Pashmina Shawl weavers who on the name of famous brand adulterated the handicraft industry and today the industry is counting its numbered days. The spice making factory in Kashmir on the same parallel copied and then supplied counterfeit spices to the beloved Kashmiris. The fake drugs, doctors and fake Peers came as added advantage to the copyists.
Copying has its limit everywhere and in Kashmir it is meeting the ends of copy addicters in a fantastic way. Copying is our right and we shall have it. Whether they copy or I copy matter is same I am Kashmir and I am born to contribute. Charles Darwin is no more now but monkeys are still given the respect they deserve atleast we are connected them either by profession or by biology. Copying is an art and the art becomes more blatant when we are masters in copying.
The author hails from Lolab Kupwara Kashmir and is Pursuing PG in Mass communication and Journalism from Media Education Research Centre University of Kashmir.
The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of our organisation
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