Heading to Jaisalmer this Diwali? Here are four activities you need to explore!
Heading to Jaisalmer this Diwali? Here are four activities you need to explore!

Known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer is a located in the heart of Thar Desert and has a rich historic lineage and breathtakingly beautiful deserts to offer. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Rajasthan, and deservingly so. With economically feasible and direct flights now being available from Delhi to Jaisalmer, nothing can be more perfect than a weekend getaway to this enchanting city in this festive season that marks the beginning of winters—the ideal time for desert escapades. Whether you plan to explore the alleys on your own or with the assistance of a local guide, here are four experiences you need to gain:

Desert Safari

It is but impossible to enjoy Jaisalmer to its true essence without experiencing the spectacular golden deserts. You can enjoy traversing through the sand dunes both on camelbacks and jeeps, with occasional strolling. From the magical sunrise and sunset, desert wildlife, oasis, abandoned villages—there is a lot to feast your eyes on when touring through the deserts. You may choose to take a desert safari the whole day and be back in the city or stay back in one of the beautiful desert camps and enjoy a night of folk music and dance performances followed by a lavish buffet dinner of local cuisines.

Heritage Tour

Be it the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort and Palace Museum, the stunning series of seven interconnected Jain Temples, the ethereal havelis, and the intriguing cenotaphs of Bada Bagh— Jaisalmer is a city brimming with rich heritage. After an ecstatic yet tiring day out, you may choose to sit back and witness the glorious views at the famous sunset point of Vyas Chhatri or relax by the beautiful Gadsisar Lake and behold the waterfowls that migrate to the country during winters every year.

Street Shopping Tour

Explore the colourful lanes and lively markets of the city and discover the beauty of traditional and local craftsmanship with their famous mirror-work, embroidered garments, colourful fabric, silk textiles, carpets, blankets, oil lamps, silver jewellery and wooden décor. You may also interact with some of the craftsmen and local artisans and learn about the preparation of the beautiful handicrafts along with sealing deals with them at pretty reasonable costs.

Street Food Tour

Along with rich culture, this city also boasts of a rich culinary heritage with very scrumptious local cuisines. Prepare to be welcomed by the rich aroma of a blend of Indian spices the moment you are in the vicinity of any of the bustling lanes of the city. Explore the vibrant lanes and savour Daal Baati, the staple delicacy of the state along with a variety of local snacks such as Pyaaz ki Kachori, Mirchi Vada, and Makkhan Vada, among others. Another delicacy that you can just not miss is the various varieties of Lassi that Jaisalmer is very famous for.

With breathtakingly beautiful forts, alluringly adventurous deserts, vibrant narrow lanes lined with the best of traditional handicrafts and local cuisines—there is just so much to explore, making a tour to this wonderful city an unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight tickets to Jaisalmer for this festive season now!

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