Match your way as a bridesmaid
Match your way as a bridesmaid

Though the terms ‘bridesmaid may be attributed to the West, it is not a new concept in Indian weddings where people have, for a long time planned and coordinated their outfits. Indian bridesmaids have plenty of stunning outfit options to choose from, each equally unique. Lets see style tips to up the style quotient on the wedding stage and for all those lovely social media pictures !

Bridesmaids can try various outfits which are unique and contemporary but the key point is to be comfortable as you may have to be on your toes with ‘bridal’ duties.

For Sangeet, fusion capes and jackets with lehenga or pants are good options. For the main wedding, if its a south Indian wedding, choose a silk saree and for north Indian weddings, lehenga and designer sarees are good. 

Receptions are the perfect opportunities to make style statements so go all out with latest trends like the fusion gowns or draped saree gowns. It is again important for the bridesmaids to choose an outfit the compliments their body. 

Slimmer women can opt for blouses or tops with fullness like ruffles. If you have a fuller body, experiment with sleeve lengths and highlight the right curves.

Choosing the right colors is key for bridesmaids ensembles. The bride or groom can choose to use matching colors, contrast colors or play with complementary colors.

 - Bhavya Chawla 

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