All in the family
All in the family

Dr Priti Challa (of Challa Hospital), 35-years-old, is one of the leading gynaecologists of the city. She brings with her integrity and dedication of a doctor, for whom, work is life, and everything else is a part of life. Taking inspiration from her mother, who has also been her role model, the busy doctor Dr Priti is also actively involved with administration of the hospital that was founded by her grandmother. 

Excerpts from an interview
What inspired you to become a doctor?
My family. I am the fourth generation of doctors. Since I was a child, all I wanted was to be a gynecologist like my mother. I watched her patients go back happy and that made me want to be the one to improve the quality of life for others.

Tell us about your childhood memories?
I am born brought up in Hyderabad. I am a true Hyderabadi. I went to St Anns High School, Secunderabad. I have the fondest memories are from my school. I like biryani and Minerva Coffee House, and the lovely roads where I could ride my bicycle.

Tell us about your journey?
My course as a doctor began in my junior college where I took up BPC. I then, went to Sri Ramachandra Medical College (SRMC) in Chennai; that’s where I spent my growing up years. I was moulded to be a doctor in one of the best institutions ever.

I landed in Osmania hospital in 2006 and went back to SRMC for my masters where I studied to be as polished to be a Gynaecologist. I came back to work at my family hospital that’s 'Challa Hospital' and worked with my mother to learn to be a good practitioner. They say your mother is the best teacher, which has been in the true sense and here I am now.

People says that it is difficult to be a doctor. How was it for you?
The subject is not difficult. It’s the commitment that is difficult. It has to be your life and not a part of life. For me, my work is my life everything else is a part of life.

Tell us the story behind 'Challa Hospital'?
'Challa Hospital' was started by my grandmother, who was a physician in 1984. It was her dream to give good quality service at a low cost and it was carried on by my father and mother. Now, I and my brother are taking care of the hospital. It will always be in my family to carry on the objective. 

What are the common health problems you see in today’s women?
Women often postpone their visit to a doctor. They must take Pap smear test and most importantly women have to make time to exercise because sedentary lifestyle is the primary cause of most hormonal disorders.

Today women increasingly are facing fertility issues. What may be the reason?
Yes, infertility rates have increased tremendously in India. I can say this is mostly due to hormonal imbalance, an unhealthy life style and increasing level of stress.

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