Rich innovations of poor dreamers

Rich innovations of poor dreamers

Young inventors look for sponsorship Naresh Nunna Every innovation is toilsome and drudgery of mind. But, for them it is more troublesome, because...

Young inventors look for sponsorship

rich2Naresh Nunna

Every innovation is toilsome and drudgery of mind. But, for them it is more troublesome, because of their poor social conditions. They designed inventive space settlement design for International Space Settlement Design Competition conducted byA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and their design was successfully qualified for the finals. But, they find no sponsors for their trip to Huston, US, to take part in the finals of the competition organised by NASA on its premises from July 29 to August 1.

Members involving in Garuda designing include K Sowmya, who is the daughter of a widow works in a private school. Another member, M Yamini Priya's father Murali Krishna is a car driver in Avanigadda, Krishna district. Moreover, Yamini Priya is physically challenged, affected by polio. R Sudheer Kumar also son of a car driver, whereas the fourth member of the team is K Sai Kiran is son of an LIC agent.

The participating teams will have to design a space settlement based on specific scenarios as part of the competition, which will also feature teams qualifying for the event from around the world.A "Though they are pitted against those qualified from other countries, they are technically sound and I believe they may bring laurels home. But to fly they need good sponsorship, " Saleem Babu, the mentor of the projects and also their English lecturer told The Hans India.

About the Project Garuda "The name Garuda was given to the project with the intention that our design with our desires can rule the space just like Garuda (the Eagle) rules the sky. We presented our Project in the form of a fairy tale. The name Garuda is taken from Hindu mythology which flies high in deep sky. As it shows supremacy over the birds, Garuda also has its supremacy over the other designs," M Yamini Priya said.

rich3Explaining the provisions, Sai Kiran brought parallels between Garuda and the Earth. According to him, Transport system, Water management unit (Bhageeratha), Educational institution (Dronacharya), Healthcare system (Sanjeevani), Economical system and trading and Well structured Constitution (Chanukya) are various features of Garuda.

"These provisions make living an experience to nearly 20,000 people that Garuda can accommodate," Sudheer told The Hans India. A "It burns in the moth of wisdom, it dwells in the heart of desire, it entrusts in the lap of peace// If dignity becomes the crown / if Empowerment shows the way/ if the intelligence leads the fly- it will shape the Garuda," K Sowmya summed up.

"There would be some beautiful gardens, zoos, shopping plazas and stadiums for sports. Every four years Gaurdampics in the lines of our Olympics! There is no currency in Garuda realm but money and transactions will be measured as feathers," the young innovators added. A Their ideals and creative urge are flying high and will be intact if and only if they are sponsored, Saleem said.

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