SQ5R method develops concentration

SQ5R method develops concentration

SQ5R: Survey, Question, Read, Refer, Recite, Remember and Reproduce. Many students found miraculous difference in their concentration level when...


SQ5R: Survey, Question, Read, Refer, Recite, Remember and Reproduce. Many students found miraculous difference in their concentration level when practiced SQ5R

dr pattaabhi ramSometime ago back a student visited my office and requested me to help him to develop concentration in studies. He was appearing for competitive examinations. After little introduction I asked him, "So you feel that you don't have enough concentration in studies? "Yes sir, not just enough, absolutely zero. When I study for two hours, but I hardly concentrate on the subject, my mind keeps wandering . I don't know, why." I asked him a simple question. If you are unable to concentrate on studies, how do you concentrate on suppose television show or cricket match? "Yes sir, instantaneously I get concentration. I can watch TV for hours together. Sometimes whenever I getbored of studies I go to a movie with friends to enjoy t."

This case is common among students all over the world. When you don't focus on the books, you miss concentration and visualise the subject they are interested in or worry. In reality every human being and every creature on the surface of this earth have enough concentration, otherwise we cannot survive. For instance an eagle flying in the air sees a creature crawling on earth, concentrates on it and suddenly catches it and flies back. It estimates the distance, then maintains time and speed accordingly. A snake sees the frog, concentrates, catches the frog and swallows it, a tiger sees a deer chases without diverting concentration and finally catches.

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus". �Alexander Graham Bell "A group of friends went to a jungle to practice shooting. They kept few pots at a distance and targeted them. None of them could hit even a single pot. A saint who was watching them started laughing. One of them went to him and asked, "Why are you laughing? Do you know how to shoot?" The saint took the gun and fired at the pots and smashed all of them one by one. The youth were amazed to see this and asked the saint if he was a magician. The saint replied, "I am neither a magician nor a sharpshooter. I just concentrated only one pot and fired, then second pot and so on, you have seen the result. One should always work with concentration." The art of concentration is not difficult to learn. It is a practice of focusing on the task at hand and eliminating distraction. Sometimes, when you study a subject under peer pressure, your mind tends to wander from one thing to another. Everybody has concentration power, but inner worries, distractions by other and boring material may lead to lack of concentration on particular thing.

Identify the causes Identify the causes of poor concentration and decide how to overcome them through variety of strategies. External causes like television, comfortable sofas, environmental distraction, noises, music, snacks, friends, gossip etc. can be controlled if you are seriously intend to develop concentration. Internal causes like anxiety about the results, boredom, health issues, disinterest, fear of failure Fear of rejection, fear of forgetfulness, day dreaming, love affairs, financial difficulties and so on. Such issues can be dealt by developing positive attitude, eating healthy food with other necessary precautions


  • Put up a sign board, 'not now please' on the study table. When your mind wanders, look at it and come back to books.
  • Avoid cell phone, television, chatting, and computer games on internet while studying.
  • Listen to soft instrumental songs instead of songs with lyrics.
  • Make a perfect timetable and stick to the schedule to achieve success. Stick to a routine, efficient study schedule.
  • Studying early morning helps you concentrate instead of night out.
  • Before you sit to study, take a few minutes to summarise few objectives, gather what you need, and think of a general strategy of accomplishment of the objectivesA
  • Create an incentive if necessary for successfully completing a task, such as a food treat, a walk, etc.
  • Don't study a single subject continuously. Monotony creates disinterest even in the subject you are interested in. Changing the subject you study every one to two hours for variety may create interest.
  • Take breaks while studying
  • Aviod day dreaming while studying.A
  • Try combined studies as it increases your activity level.A
  • Visualise your success through relaxation, hypnotism or meditation, which helps you to become the person you have wanted to be.

SQ5R method: It is proved to be a successful technique while studying as it generates concentration.

  • "Survey" the lesson by the title, pictures, definitions concept. .
  • "Question" all your doubts about the lesson once your finish a chapter
  • "Read" to find answers to your questionsA
  • "Refer" if any doubt that occurs in mind in the text book or dictionary
  • "Recite" your questions orally and try to answer them.
  • "Remember" the gist of the lesson.
  • "Reproduce" the lesson contents on a paper.

Many students found miraculous difference in their level of their concentration when practiced SQ5R. Why don't you try?

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