Smartphones - need or luxury for youngsters?

Smartphones - need or luxury for youngsters?

Smartphones - Need or Luxury for Youngsters?, BBM Pin Numbers, New Apps. One says it is nothing but just another gadget to show off. The other says it is a necessity to stay connected in these times.

One says it is nothing but just another gadget to show off. The other says it is a necessity to stay connected in these times.

Wondering why Facebook is being flooded with BBM pin numbers. Why people are going gaga over new apps each day? All thanks to the smartphones which is giving youngsters all the features to play, enjoy and shop. These phones are impressive, but expensive. For a student who is not earning, is it so important to have such an expensive phone just for the pleasure of it? Youngsters put forth their opinion

As a species, our primary purpose appears to be to survive and propagate, and adapt according to the changing environment. Now we’ve evolved sufficiently to keep threats away and ensure a constant supply of food and since we don’t have to think about basic survival anymore, we tend to preoccupy ourselves with two other activities- improving our social status and mating, for quite obvious reasons - a higher social status ensures better survival. Look at everything we do- paint a glorious picture of our lives on Facebook, upload the prettiest looking pictures, checking in at every expensive place we go to, the brands of the clothes we buy and products we use, have subconsciously been influenced by our need for a higher social status. Back then, physical strength would’ve meant you’re above others, but now, all thanks to marketing, we have begun to associate status with the products we own. Obviously, we’re all going through an identity crisis when we’re in college and still haven’t achieved much in life and it’s only natural that we look at the easiest ways to try and fit in or to try and assume a superior position among our peers. Hence, our need to own iPhones or the expensive Samsung ones. It isn’t wrong to want them, but it’s coming at the cost of a lot of destruction. I’d just like if people considered factors such as necessity and environmental destruction before we fall for an advertisement that associates their product with being “cool.” If you did have so much money, there are so many better ways to invest it. Infosys was started with a capital of about Rs 12,000! Like George Carlin says, "Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like taping sandwiches all over the body to satisfy your hunger."

There is nothing wrong in owning an expensive phone, especially when we consider what comes in with a smartphone - like different apps such as whatsapp, the GPS Service; TripIt, an app which organises all of your travel documents into one easily-accessible itinerary. Sometimes an idea strikes you or you want to make some quick notes what would you do when you’re far from your computers or don’t have a pen and paper? Evernote solves this problem perfectly; TurboScan app turns your phone into a scanner, allowing you to avoid the cost, bulk, and hassle of a traditional machine; Wi-Fi Finder can get all this with just spending a reasonable price when buying a phone. In a nutshell, having a smartphone with all facilities makes one’s life easier and connected. What’s wrong in owing the good things of life if you or your parents can afford it? I would say they are blessed to be able to afford it.

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