A new beginning!

A new beginning!

Making us proud is our fellow Indian who has become the third CEO of a giant company like Microsoft, many of us barely know about him as a person or...

About the book: Nadella - The Changing Face of Microsoft

This book talks about Satya Nadella, the new face of Microsoft.

Making us proud is our fellow Indian who has become the third CEO of a giant company like Microsoft, many of us barely know about him as a person or his journey in life; his growing up years, his career graph and more.

This book delves into the life of Nadella and is a source of inspiration for all.

The book is definitely an interesting read for those interested in technology; since the book not only gives us an insight into Nadella’s life, but also gives a sneak peek into the technological developments happening in early 90s in Microsoft and its contemporaries like Amazon and Google in the world of cloud and Mobile services.

Important elements in the book:

  • Nadella’s achievements and commitment towards his work was inspiring.
  • Working with two very different CEOs; Gates and Steve Ballmer, was a big learning experience.
  • Nadella’s perspectives.
  • One of the key things in Microsoft’s ‘mobile first’ vision - the integration of Nokia devices and services; and the strategic alignment of the business with the rest of the organisation.
  • Nadella is known for his preparation and thoroughness in whatever he takes up. Another reason why a lot of people are going to be watching the new CEO for results. Nadella has a reputation of entering meetings with information on not just the product being discussed but also two or three other products that other people might not have seen as being related.
  • His inter - personal skills and the way he relates to people is truly commendable. Competing with contenders like Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia and many other pioneers of the industry has been well captured in the book.

Lines that stood out:

To those who have the ability to look beyond the obvious, Nadella mirrors his mentor, Bill Gates, in his techno- savvy orientation and passion for the unknown.

This book with 107 pages will make a quick and an interesting read.

About the author:

Jagmohan S Bhanver has worked with three of the largest banks in India, handling national and international roles. Presently, he is an executive coach to CEOs and board members of various organisations. Bhanver’s seminars on leadership and motivation have had a powerful impact on several lives and careers. Bhanver is the author of two best-selling non-fiction titles and has recently finished his first novel. He has also written for several TV shows and is in the process of finalising a movie script. This is his third book of non- fiction.

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