Liberal, Libertine, Libertarian, Librettist

Liberal, Libertine, Libertarian, Librettist

Oh my word!!

“Porgy is…an example of what can be done by talent in spite of a bad setup. A libretto that should never have been accepted on a subject that should never have been chosen by a man who should never have attempted it has written a work that has a considerable power.” –George Gershwin
Vikram Seth, the author of A Suitable Boy& LGBT activist, is also a librettist. He wrote ‘Arion and the Dolphin: A Libretto’. He is a versatile writer who has written for poetry, novels, non-fiction (Travelogue ‘From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet’) and a novel in verse (The Golden Gate).
A liberal person is the one who has liberal views towards divorce, gay marriages, and contraception unlike catholic views. Liberals want the governments to invest in social sectors, and social safety like the progressives.
Liberal also refers to a member of the Liberal Party in the UK.
Liberal comes from the Latin word ‘liber’ meaning ‘free man’.
The derivatives of liberal are liberalism (noun), liberally (adverb), liberalize (verb: less strict, make an economy of the state open, without restrictions), liberality (noun: giving, munificence, freedom from prejudices such as caste or religion or region).
Liberal Arts is gaining currency across the world. Liberal Arts is a field of study distinct from science, technology, medicine.
Walter Lippmann was the proponent of ‘A Progressive Theory of Liberal Democratic Thought’ through which he outlined how to manufacture consent among the public in the specialized class at the behest of responsible men especially on those issues that elude the general public.
Liberal Idealism is supported by Dominic Cunnings in the UK who supports migration; unfussed about it.
Are liberals libertines? Maybe, maybe not.
Libertine functions as a noun and adjective.
Libertines are those who indulge in sensual principles without regard for morals, unrestrained, uncontrolled, sexually unrestrained.
Libertine is a freethinker in matters of religion.
Libertine is the person freed or liberated from slavery in ancient Rome.
Libertines is the name of a music band in the UK.
Libretto is a text used for a musical work.
Librettist is the author of the text for an opera. Libretto is a noun (librettos or libretti) referring to the text of an opera. It comes from the Latin word literally meaning ‘little book’.
The libretto can be used for an opera or operetta, masque or musical, oratorio or cantata.
Libretto could also be the storyline of a ballet.
Librettist is the person who writes a libretto.
In religious context, libretto refers to a liturgical work like the Mass, requiem, scared cantata.
- Kovuuri G Reddy

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