License Licence Licentious

License Licence Licentious

You need a licence to drive. The licence will be issued by a government body or agency after conducting a written test on traffic signs and other...

o we need a licence to have child?

That is what, Timothy Alen Dick (Time Alen)said: “I have to get a licence to drive a motorcycle to protect myself and the people around me. I am adamant there should be some sort of licensing required to have children.”

You need a licence to drive. The licence will be issued by a government body or agency after conducting a written test on traffic signs and other aspects related to safety; and practical test on driving.

You need a licence to do certain businesses such as to run a bar (alcohol) and restaurant.
Licence is a legal document that gives permission to do something such as to drive a vehicle, to conduct certain business, to give out a type of service among others.

Having a licence enables you to do certain things because you have the permission from the official permission, a nod or a yes from a government agency.

Once upon a time, you need to have a licence to own and listen to radio.
Licence also refers to having the freedom to do something, lack of restraint, deviating from established rules or practices.
Licence is a noun, license is a verb like practice and practise.

English language has almost two distinct branches: American English and British English. In American English, the noun form of licence is license.

The derivatives of license are licenses, licensed, licensing (verbs); and licensee (noun), licensable and license- or licence-less (adjectives).

Licenced is an adjective meaning someone getting an official approval to do something such as an accredited college (licenced by the government to run courses), run a pharmacy shop…

Licensee is the person who has the licence to do something. Only licensees can drive the vehicles on the roads.
In law, licensor is the party that gives a license to another person or party.
Licenser is a government official who issues a licence.

Licentious is an adjective. It has nothing to do with ‘licence’ and ‘license’ but it means someone lacking moral discipline, some having unrestrained sexual partners or relationships. Someone having the quality lewd behaviour, wantoness, indulgence in unrestrained sensual pleasures.

There all types of men and women in the society: licentious men and licentious women; and what is licentious to you may not be licentious to others: cultural differences?

The derivatives of licentious are licentiously (adverb), licentiousness (noun).
Marriage is a form of licence granted by the parents, society and the laws of the land for two people to live together, and have children but some are undermining it by cohabiting.

By: Kovuuri G Reddy

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