Attention of our mind alertness in day to day life activities

Attention of our mind alertness in day to day life activities

Introduction: Today we are moving in day to day life duly handling various activities and sometimes facing very peculiar situation to take appropriate decision to complete the tasks assigned earlier. Now and again,  we are unable to coup up with arising situation and  face the circumstance to solve the issue  due to lack of attention by involving our mind power with time warrant situation . In such position we have to make self preparation with command control of our mind power from time to time utilising with alertness.

What is mind alertness?
Mind functions in various ways when we are in active and passive mode  in day to day life activities. Our consciousness is directly involved through the mind power and is controlled by it. So we have to make self alertness involving mind power and allow to be taken over by it. Then mind will take the further impulse nature activities with alertness even during snooze over and helps to carryover further actions   smoothly.

Most of us are thinks that we go for any assignment with full concentration to achieve the same as per the schedule decided earlier before the commencement of work. Normally we will give more attention for completion with time frame schedule. In this process the key factors like planning, execution and result are very essential and has to be prepare with mind alertness from beginning to completion.

The key factor is vigilance through the power of mind has to be taken in to consideration for the key factors from the minute task commences. If the attention takes control by our mind at this juncture, simply observe the alertness by it. In this way we can make assignments successfully with alertness of mind in a soft way without any further  stress and strain.   

Correlate activities involving our body under the control of mind: 
This is very important feature that has to be considered by us in dealing day to day activities such as  education, profession and other life associated  fields. Sometimes we feel fatigue while involving in the relevant activities due to various factors like anxiety and nervous tension. Here we have to prepare for good rapport between our body and mind in a smooth way to handle and solve the issues in an appropriate way.

Take a little break occasionally and feel free from tension and think through enhanced mind power for further action to be taken by involving fully with freshness. Just hold our breath and take deep    inhalation and exhalation in relaxed manner for few minutes during the work timetable. After the work schedule is over and return to home  take refresh and relax with next day assignments with power of thought through   mind  with synchronizing body afresh. This will prepare to be ready for next day programme with sleep mode in smooth way during the night rest.

Role of mind and    body    on life activities: Normally we do our works including routine one with much attention and also sometimes without attention. During this process our mind will try to take over them to complete the task in orderly way. But our fickleness / inconsistency   may leads to obstruction and incomplete the tasks decided earlier by us.

This creates confusion in our mind and leads to indecision for further and sometimes forced to abandon completely.The result will create unhappiness and leads to aversion to repeat again the left over task (assignment).Here we have to make self practice to coordinate the body with mind and to reach perfect goal  positive way.

Role of positive attitude (approach) in solving issues faced in day to day life: Most of us think that the issues are automatically solved if attend fast without any delay its implementation.  Of course this may not fulfilled as per our expectations. Here we have to analyze and think in a positive way and act accordingly. This will solve issues in positive way as per expectations with peace of mind.  

By P Narahari

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