20 Google Products and Services That Shut Down in 2019

20 Google Products and Services That Shut Down in 2019

This year in 2019 also Google closed down several of its products and services.

1. Google+ (2011-2019)

Google+ was started in 2011, Google finally pulled the plug killed on its Facebook-rival Google+ social networking website earlier this year in 2019 due to poor user engagement.

2. Inbox by Gmail (2015-2019)

Inbox by Gmail was launched in 2015, this app worked similar to Gmail but was largely a testing ground for new features. Eventually, most of these were integrated into the Gmail app.

3. Google URL Shortner (2009-2019)

Launched in 20019, Google URL Shortner joined the list of products killed by Google earlier this year. Google URL Shortner converted long URLs into short ones so that could be easily shared.

4. Google Allo (2016-2019)

Allo social networking app is among Google's most short-lived products. The app was Google's attempt to take on rival instant messaging services like WhatsApp.

5. YouTube Gaming (2015-2019)

Launched in the same year as Chromecast Audio, YouTube Gaming aimed to bring live and recorded game streaming videos to the masses. Failed to get enough traction, the service too became part of products killed by Google earlier this year.

6. Google Bulletin (2018-2019)

Google Bulletin also stayed available for a year before being killed by Google. The news service allowed users to share news and letting others in the same area hear those stories.

7. Google Fusion Tables (2009- 2019)

Google Fusion Tables was a web service for data management, which means it allowed users to gather, visualise and share data tables with others. The service won't be available after December 3.

8. Google Translator Toolkit (2009-2019)

The web application allowed translators to edit and manage translations that were generated by Google Translate service. Google has shut this service on December 4.

9. Google Correlate (2011-2019)

Google's Correlate service helped find search patterns which correspond with real-world trends. The service will be shut on December 15 as per the info on its page.

10. Areo (2017-2019)

Areo was another short-lived service, Aero was shut within two years of its India debut. Google Aero aimed to make it easier for users to get in touch with various local services.

11. YouTube Messages (2017-2019)

YouTube Messages is another service that has been killed by Google. As the name suggests, the direct messaging service was an attempt to make video-sharing and chatting easier on the platform.

12. Google Daydream (2016-2019)

Google Daydream was shut earlier this year, almost three years after its launch. The virtual reality platform that worked on certain Android devices could never take off in a massive way.

13. Google Clips (2017-2019)

Google Clips an action camera-sized hardware device was launched in 2017. The AI-powered camera attached with a clip recorded photos and videos that it thought were worth.

14. Google Trips (2016-2019)

Google Trips is a handy travel app that saw its end almost three years after it was launched. it aimed to help users track their travel plans better.

15. Google Cloud Messaging (2012-2019

Google Cloud Messaging was a notification service that allowed developers to send messages between servers and client apps running on Android or Chrome.

16. Google Spotlight Stories (2013-2019)

Google Spotlight Stories was launched in 2013, included several visual animated stories and content for the mobile virtual reality headsets.

17. Google Jump (2015-2019)

Google Jump was a cloud-based VR solution that allowed developers to create 360 content in 3D with automated stitching.

18. Dragonfly (2018-2019)

Google's Dragonfly was the company's search engine specifically designed for China was shut down within a year of its launch.

19. G Suite Training (2013-2019)

Previously known as Synergyse, G Suite Training -- as the name suggests -- was a video-based training for 20 Google G Suite products in different languages.

20. Follow Your World (2011-2019)

Follow Your World was a feature for Google Maps that allowed users to register a point of interest and get alerts later the imagery is updated.

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