5 PUBG Mobile New Features

5 PUBG Mobile New Features

Season 12 update will bring five PUBG Mobile new features, check out.


PUBG Mobile will be completing its two years and Season 12 of PUBG will be soon in the stores.

Beta already has the new update titled as 0.17.0. There will be a few new features, but this time we cannot expect new maps and gameplay modes.

Season 12

This PUBG Mobile Season 12 will be rolled out with this upcoming update. As always we expect new skins, clothes and accessories based on the celebration theme. Some in-app mini-games may be unveiled where players could win prizes.

More Markers

Present PUBG Mobile's version allows gamers only to use only one kind of marker on the map. The new update will bring eight varieties of markers to identify positions, enemies, spot for attack etc.

Death Replay

Currently, this feature was available only in the PC version. Now with the upcoming update, it is finally making its way to the phones. A gamer will be able to replay to ensure that the mistake isn't repeated.

Extreme Cold Mode

One has to survive the extreme cold by locating firewood and starting a fire, in this new survival mode.

Gamers will be allowed to kill animals and chickens to eat during "extreme cold wave." There will be a timer in the mode to notify when the extreme cold wave will begin. This will enable players to know when to look for shelter and be prepared for survival.

Colour Blind Mode

Throughout last year's PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split Global Finals, Chinese game creator Tencent said that the colour-blind mode would be added to the game in 2020. Currently, this mode is available in the beta version of the update.

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