5 Things to Know About 6G

5 Things to Know About 6G

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has reportedly launched foundation work for the 'development of the future network' 6G.

5G is still in its infancy, but China is a step ahead and looking at 6G. The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has reportedly launched foundation work for the "development of the future network" 6G.

Reports say that the preparatory work for 6G has already begun and as per some experts, 6G speeds could be 1 terabyte (TB) per second – that's 8,000 times faster than 5G.

As per reports, China has set up two working groups to oversee research around 6G. One of which is made up of executives from the sector ministries and the second group is made up of 37 experts from universities, research institutes and technology companies. The first group is responsible for supporting the latter group.

Last year in September, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said the company's work on 6G mobile networks has started.

President Donald Trump also raised the issue of 5G and 6G and said the US is eagerly waiting for the technology.

The ongoing battle between Huawei and the US has intensified the process for America to build a 5G network. As per the Wall Street Journal report, the US government is working with telecom and tech companies to develop a 5G network.

The US plan includes an agreement between the companies to allow 5G codes to run on products from any hardware manufacturer. The report said this is an effort to stop reliance on Huawei hardware. The Huawei CEO also said that they are all set for the US to escalate a "campaign" against them.

5 things to know about 6G:

 6G networks could offer speeds of 1TB/ second or 1,000 gigabytes or 8,000 gigabits per second

 6G speed is said to be 8,000 times faster than the 5G speeds.

 Phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG have already started 6G research centres in South Korea. Other brands like SK Telecom, Nokia, Ericsson also are collaborating on a 6G research project.

 As per reports, 6G will be advanced enough to turn sci-fi applications like the integration of human brains with computers into reality.

 It is also said that with 6G, it might be possible for cyberspace to support human thought and action in real-time through wearable devices.

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