ChatGPT banned for Apple employees, but Tim Cook uses it

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook


Ironically, Apple has restricted the use of ChatGPT to its employees, but Cook is quite enthusiastic about the AI chatbot.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been using ChatGPT and is enthusiastic about the AI chatbot. During an interview on Good Morning America, Cook expressed his enthusiasm for ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI. This is notable because Cook has been more cautious in his comments on artificial intelligence (AI) this year. Apple has even limited the use of ChatGPT by its employees due to privacy concerns, The Wall Street Journal reports.

However, when Cook was asked about using the chatbot, he did not hesitate to confirm it. He said: "Oh, of course, I use it. Yes, I'm excited about it. I think there are some unique applications for it, and you can bet it's something we're looking at closely." Cook's statement indicates that Apple is dedicating its technological and financial resources to AI. He stressed the need for careful consideration and raised concerns about bias, misinformation, and the importance of regulation.

Cook believes that regulation is necessary for AI and that certain limits should be set. He recognized the challenges that companies might face in keeping up with the rapid progress of AI technology. Cook believed that companies must take responsibility for making ethical decisions and practising self-regulation.

While Cook acknowledges the enormous potential of AI, he stresses the need for a deliberate and thoughtful approach to implementing it within Apple. This sets his comments apart from the strategies of competitors like Microsoft and Google, which have enthusiastically embraced generative AI through products like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Microsoft's Bing (which uses OpenAI's technology through its partnership), and Bard's. Google.

Apple employees can no longer use ChatGPT and other AI tools because they are developing similar technology. Apple is concerned that if employees use ChatGPT, they could share sensitive information about their products. According to a WSJ report, the Cupertino giant has also asked employees not to use Microsoft-owned GitHub Copilot, which automatically writes software code.

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