Google Pixel 9 Rumoured AI Features: Magic Composer, Autofill Smart Reply, and More

Google Pixel 9 Rumoured AI Features: Magic Composer, Autofill Smart Reply, and More

Google Pixel 9 could introduce advanced on-device AI features, including autofill smart reply and Magic Composer.

The upcoming Google Pixel 9 series generates significant anticipation, with rumours of four models set to launch in October. A recent leak has shed light on the possible on-device AI features of the new Pixel smartphones. As Galaxy AI made waves this year, tech giants like Apple and Google strive to bring top-notch AI capabilities to their devices.

Google Pixel 9:Expected AI Features

The information comes from a tipster, Assemble Debug, who shared details on social media about the potential AI features of the Pixel 9 series. The leaks stem from the latest versions of Google's AI Core app and Google Messages beta. Expected features include:

- Text-to-Image Conversions: A feature allowing users to convert text into images.

- Magic Composer: An AI tool that may offer creative text composition.

- Autofill Smart Reply: An on-device AI capability to provide smart replies.

- Summarization: An on-device feature for text summarization.

- Proofreading: An AI tool that assists with text proofreading.

- Text Categorization: Another on-device AI feature that categorizes text.

These AI capabilities are rumoured to function on-device, eliminating the need for a cloud connection. However, these details should be treated as preliminary since there could be changes before the official launch.

Implications for Google Pixel 9 and the Smartphone Market

The Pixel 9 series is expected to deliver advanced AI features similar to those seen in the Galaxy S24 series. In September and October, Apple and Google may release flagship smartphones boasting impressive AI advancements. Apple's AI features are anticipated to be announced at the WWDC event in June and officially launched in September with the iPhone 16 series. In contrast, Google is expected to introduce the Pixel 9 series in October, possibly including these advanced AI capabilities. As the smartphone market competition heats up, both Apple and Google aim to introduce new AI features that enhance user experience and interaction with their devices.

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