Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features: Check out

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

Upcoming WhatsApp Features (Representational Pic)


Upcoming WhatsApp Features: These are the top 5 upcoming features that WhatsApp users should get soon. Check the details here.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features: WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app, with more than two billion users across the world. Every other week WhatsApp keeps releasing new features like animated stickers, QR codes, Dark mode for the web and many more. These features make the app more user friendly.

Here are the top five upcoming features listed that the WhatsApp users will get to use in the future.

Storage Control

As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp wants to give its users more control over storage options. For this, it is redesigning its Storage Usage section, with options to let users easily arrange their storage and delete unnecessary files.

Vacation Mode

WhatsApp planned to release this feature earlier, though, it had stopped its development as per WABetaInfo. Now it looks like WhatsApp have picked back the development of the feature and is working to rollout it soon. This feature will enable users to mute archived chat even in the event of receiving new messages.

Expiring Media

The Expiring Media feature is in its development stages and known with many names like disappearing messages and self-destructing messages. The feature enables users to delete an image, video or GIF they send from the receiver's phone, once they view the item. As of now, the feature is not live in the app. As per WABetaInfo, at first, the feature will be rolled out in a future beta release, followed by a stable rollout.

Multi-device Support

Similar to the Expiring Messages feature, WhatsApp has been working for a long time on a multi-device support feature. We don't know when the feature will be rolled out. WABetaInfo claims that this WhatsApp feature will allow a maximum of four devices to be signed into one account at the same time.

History Sync

Along with the multi-device support feature release, WhatsApp will also release the history sync feature that allows users to copy all chats from one device to another. This feature for the first time in WhatsApp's history will enable Android users to carry over their chats on to iPhones and the other way round.

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