5G: The Superfast Fifth Generation of Wireless Data Networks

5G: The Superfast Fifth Generation of Wireless Data Networks

5G networks promise smoother video streaming at higher resolutions; fewer dropped calls and lag-free browsing.

Soon we will get rid of buffering – the 'superfast' 5G mobile internet has reached in a host of cities and towns across the UK and US. 5G networks promise smoother video streaming at higher resolutions; fewer dropped calls and lag-free browsing.

With so much buzz around 5G, what is 5G? Is 5G Fast? Is 5G phone must now? Find out...

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless data networks; it's an upgrade that we all will need sooner or later. It is much more than the simple bandwidth or "speed" improvement on your phone that you're used to from the history of 4G and 3G before it. 5G claims low latency, intelligent power consumption, high density and network slicing - qualities that make it advance, and perhaps more confusing.

So we try to explain 5G to you, those who want to use it and understand what it's worth because it will come at extra cost.

All the technologies on your phone will get transformed with 5G. Your home internet to come through the air instead of a wire or cable. It will make possible new experiences that are still outlying, smart cities that are safer, cleaner and more efficient, and a truly connected car.

Now "downloading a full-length movie in seconds" is an ancient thought altogether. With 5G dream about a world that is more protective, responsive and transparent.

We all should be aware that 5G will be the first cellular data technology that can revolutionise not just your phone but your life as well.

To achieve all this, we need to replace everything we own now that use a cellular network. We all know that the 5G wireless gear is different from 4G technology that we possess today. That is the reason why carriers and device makers are very excited about 5G.

Is 5G Fast?

When compared 5G is 5-10 times faster than 4G. 5G mobile networks could offer downloads speeds 100 times faster than 4G networks. In the UK, EE and Vodafone provide similar estimates of speed.

Vodafone says 5G will work at average speeds of 150-200Mbps and peak speeds of 1Gbps. So, you can download a full HD film in just 3 minutes, whereas 4G takes 15 minutes. In the US, Verizon, one of the most advanced 5G networks, has demonstrated speeds of 600Mbps to 1GBbps.

Speeds can vary based on the country, the type of 5G network and your proximity to a mast. Extra speed means less lag. 4G networks claim a latency of around 30-40 milliseconds; 5G networks are near to 10 milliseconds.

Is a 5G phone must now?

With the expansion of 5G networks, you may prefer a 5G smartphone. While you'll pay a premium, you should move to faster data connections in most large towns and cities. If the coverage is still patchy, you won't be benefitted.

5G home internet is a better proposition, as you can stream 4K films and TV shows via the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It all depends on the coverage in your region. But that should improve, as more people make the shift to 5G.

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